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Thursday, September 17, 2015

andrea (the hutt) dworkin said;

And feminists wonder why they're hated...
By men and women. 
I would have no problem with these "idiots', if only they would not be so obvious of their hate for men, stay at home moms, healthy thin looking women, and traditional families.
There are many rights organisations in this world, many we do not agree with, but some have class and try to promote real change without stepping on the foot of others.
As for feminism, lesbianism, or whatever their claim is, the idea that they speak for women is laughable at best, it a hate club, a cult, and a racist organisation.
What is worse iare those, especially manginas, who side with these hags, knowing full well, they hate even them.
Then again what do you expect from these manginas, they feel so inadequate beside real men, they will side with anyone to make themselves feel wanted.

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