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Sunday, September 27, 2015

6 year old girl's heartbreaking plea to her divorced parents

Many could learn a lot from this child...
Separations, divorces, are usually made worse by greedy lawyers, corrupt family court, anti-father feminist organizations, instead of listening to each other as parents and especially adults.
Whenever a divorce or separation happens, parents should always talk to each other, accept that sometimes we can fall out of love, and before we come to an agreement, go look at the children first or even sit at the table, talk, and have a picture of the kids in front of us...
Whatever the situation is, as this child shown, sometimes, the young can be more adults than we can ever be in that kind of a difficult situation.
Some, and I won't mention who, because they are not worth my time, can make this type of situation into a personal vendetta and make it last for decades, with the help and support from man hating ol'hags aka feminists and their corrupt organizations, destroying families and children's happiness and especially their futures.
Personal plea from experience...STOP LISTENING OR DEPENDING ON THESE FOOLS.

Kids are not the private possession of either parent.
Or the tool for some corrupt organization to benefit financially.
We do not inherit the world around us,
but borrow it from our children.

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