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Sunday, September 6, 2015

100 Black Men Wearing Suits did something awesome for Kids On The First Day Of School

There's a certain stereotype that follows men of color collectively, wherever they go, no matter what they do. It's the notion that they're deadbeats, thugs or just simply not that involved in their community.
DeVaughn Ward and Pastor AJ Johnson know these stereotypes all too well, so they planned an event that puts those notions to shame — just in time for the first day of school. After seeing a group of men in Georgia greet kids on their first day, Ward and Johnson knew they had to bring the idea to their hometown of Hartford, Conn.
The men created a call-out group on their social media pages called "Calling All Brothers" and asked the men of color they knew to tag others. Their goal? Form a group large enough to greet the children of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School on their first day. And do it wearing suits.

Two days later, on the morning of Aug. 25, 50 black men gathered and formed a greeting line for the kids. A little later, there were 100.
They cheered and high fived the kids as they walked through. The kindergarteners were a little apprehensive, but the older kids were having a blast.
"They were running through like they were at the Super Bowl," Johnson recalled with a laugh.
Johnson told A Plus that that particular school has lots of kids from the inner city area, most of which are children of single mothers. He wanted his fellow black men to be there not just to break stigmas, but to show the kids themselves that the men in their neighborhood really do care.
"For a group of well-dressed men to be there meant a lot," he said.
He recalls one of the men who came out being in his 50s or 60s, and had seen the height of the civil rights era. He turned to Johnson and told him, "Brother, you're on to something." A mother of one of the little girls who attends his church came back in tears after dropping her daughter off.
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This is what I want to see more of. Not hate and violence coming from and toward the black community.
Here's a group of guys who see how members of their race are portrayed in the media (fairly or unfairly) and, rather than shout injustice or scream about it, they set out to do their part in changing the public's perception about black men. And not just for the media attention, but also to do something for kids in their community - who, they admit, do need positive male role models in their lives.

The male role model has been under a lot of pressure by the media's drooling over the feminists shaming tactics and the constant attacks referring to all men are bad. 
In order to re-establish a balance in society, whatever the color of a person, men have to take back, what has always been theirs to begin with, and once they do, with the help and support of women, our kids will do a lot better in life.
Love Love Love this.

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BlackWolf said...

Excellent post, men can make a difference by just saying, enough, and making a stand.

Nubian Queen said...

So true