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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Woman's testimony about men avoiding western women

Must watch! The disrespectful, emasculating women are spreading!
Translated from French. Not as bad as American women YET, but Americanization ruins western dating & marriage.
The end of the western family has been achieved to a certain point, true there are still many who have mutual respect for each other, understand the place of femininity and masculinity inside the family, but the damages is apparent in every aspect of society here in America as in Europe.
Why would women listen to those who live alone, (and if you look closely at any feminist, you find her alone or with some man who has given up his masculine identity) is beyond me, but there it is.
It's amazing to find so many searching for a man, and yes even the most harden feminist, yet they refuse to look at their behavior as the reason for them been single.
One thing we learned from the past 30 years is, men have not changed according to feminist dictation on how they should behave, they simply went their own way, or are looking for companionship elsewhere.
Women's equality does not mean trying to be just like a man, this way of doing things pushes men away, and as we can plainly see, it's just not working.
A strong woman with her femininity intact achieves more than one who dresses and acts like a man, just like a masculine man will attract women a lot better than one who gave it up for a pat on the back from those who hate him in the first place.

Hopefully women will understand the mistake they made and try to put balance back into who they truly are, been feminine is not a weakness, and real women understand this, it is a great strength.
Is it to late for the society of today, only time will tell, but the way things are going, it doesn't look good.
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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