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Monday, August 3, 2015

Can a smile from women change the world? Or have we become too arrogant.

Sadly, some women have become TOO hard and arrogant and almost believe that a person should have to earn a simple smile. We think a smile should be earned but don't understand that protection (as important as it is) should be earned...wow. We'll be disrespectful to the utmost to men and still believe we should be entitled to all protection just because we have a vagina. Yet, we don't see that as women, we are made to be that peaceful and nurturing being. Women are supposed to be more emotional but too many of us have become emotionally UNSTABLE.
And for the deflectors and "masters of excuses," this isn't referring to walking around 24/7 with a smile when a tragedy has happened, but ordinary days. When we have a positive outlook we'll actually be more adored for it.
-Virtuous woman

 The power to make the world a better place has always been with us as women, one of the reasons things are not getting any better, but worse, is because some (feminists and insecurity) have decided that in order to be powerful we must destroy, replace and then behave like men.
In the meantime, everything that could be better is pushed aside by hate in order to compete with men, forgetting as women we already had the power to begin with.
This power is not the same as men, it is different but just as important, in some cases more productive. With a simple smile and a hold of a hand, a woman can ask and make a man change the world around her.
A man provides and protects, a woman keeps it all together.
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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