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Thursday, August 6, 2015

A great read about African american women & their importance to the youth of today.

 Re-post from Black Women Against Feminism
When we take on a culture that's given to us, the result is turmoil. When we allow our youth to become so indoctrinated by main stream artists and celebrities over business owners and self-respecting role-models then we have a problem.
We can't abandon those traditions and family recipes that our grandmothers shared. Family values and morals are crucial to hold on to especially with society throwing them out the window. Slut culture is being glorified more than respectful, graceful women. Let us remember where we come from and how we stood strong together and supported ourselves through all obstacles. Let us embrace ourselves and OUR beauty. AfriKan beauty standards for the AfriKan, European beauty standards for the European. This is very important to our image. AFRIKAN BEAUTY STANDARDS FOR THE AFRIKAN.
We can't keep taking whatever culture or movement that society pushes on us then try to pass it off as black culture. The majority of Black women on reality shows are behaving as unruly programmed shams and this is the image that we are portraying to the world and our youth. Apparently we don't care much about the after-affects since we are giving these type of shows high-ratings, all the while not wanting to be "stereotyped." Truthfully, we have lost ourselves and essence in womanhood and culture. It's up to the community to give the reality check of what is unacceptable.
Women are the first teachers of our children, that's why it's up to us to uphold the culture or it becomes lost and manipulated. We have to keep our ways and keep feminism out of our lifestyle because it has no place in our culture and has proven to be destructive. Let the reconstruction begin.
-Virtuous woman

Couldn't agree more.
Nubian Queen

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