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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Most Men Are Good men.

My girl Ro √Člori Cutno...
For 50 years, the feminist movement has done a great job (intentionally), to convince us that men are naturally bad, flawed, oppressive, less humane than women. If you believe that, YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MEN!
Most men want to please a woman, what`s wrong with that unless one (feminist) hate men...
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Yin and Yang of a relationship. Respect and adoration.

A definition: Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness.
When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete.
So when you split something into two halves – yin / yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. 
Yin is the black, the feminine, the energy rising from the earth, the moon, the cold.
Yang is the white, the masculine, coming down from the sky, the sun, the warmth.

Femininity and masculinity need each other.
No man can have respect, unless his masculinity walks in harmony,
with his woman's femininity.
No woman can have adoration, unless her femininity walks in harmony,
with her man's masculinity.

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Nubian Queen

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Woman's testimony about men avoiding western women

Must watch! The disrespectful, emasculating women are spreading!
Translated from French. Not as bad as American women YET, but Americanization ruins western dating & marriage.
The end of the western family has been achieved to a certain point, true there are still many who have mutual respect for each other, understand the place of femininity and masculinity inside the family, but the damages is apparent in every aspect of society here in America as in Europe.
Why would women listen to those who live alone, (and if you look closely at any feminist, you find her alone or with some man who has given up his masculine identity) is beyond me, but there it is.
It's amazing to find so many searching for a man, and yes even the most harden feminist, yet they refuse to look at their behavior as the reason for them been single.
One thing we learned from the past 30 years is, men have not changed according to feminist dictation on how they should behave, they simply went their own way, or are looking for companionship elsewhere.
Women's equality does not mean trying to be just like a man, this way of doing things pushes men away, and as we can plainly see, it's just not working.
A strong woman with her femininity intact achieves more than one who dresses and acts like a man, just like a masculine man will attract women a lot better than one who gave it up for a pat on the back from those who hate him in the first place.

Hopefully women will understand the mistake they made and try to put balance back into who they truly are, been feminine is not a weakness, and real women understand this, it is a great strength.
Is it to late for the society of today, only time will tell, but the way things are going, it doesn't look good.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Treat your woman like a Queen, she will return it with Respect.

Men you've forgotten how to adore a woman! She needs this, like you need respect. If you think you can't adore your woman, because you don't like her much right now, think about this.... Does she still need to respect you if she doesn't like you at the moment?
To men, respect is love, and to women, adoration is love. Give it, or get out.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Soon...BlackWolf

Coming back soon...

All families are under attack by the extremists, trying to change the nature of things for their own personal benefits.
If we are to continue what our ancestors fought for, what we have and what is important to us, the family must be at the forefront of any stable civilization.

Thanks to N Q for her contributions on African American issues and keeping the blog going.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Huffington post trie to explain white feminism. Fails.

After this article was shared yesterday about why a Black woman no longer aligned herself with feminism, just a few hours later the video link below was released by Huffington Post. They are saying some of the same exact things that was said in the article so I don't think it's a coincidence. Someone's paying attention but it doesn't take much to ponder and realize that the video is just feminism/liberals trying to wheel women of color in.
I also want to point out that in the article we shared, the author had a great start in highlighting how feminism devalues Black women. But she still missed a few things as far why feminism itself is sexist and divisive for the community so we don't need to take part in it anyway. Denouncing feminism is a start but she still has to understand that women and men are not equal except in our value as people. We have to realize that most men are not out to destroy or oppress women...we have to stop making ourselves victims to the troublesome situations that we put ourselves in most of the time.
-Virtuous woman
But this video is actually more proof that feminism is for the benefit of White women:

White feminism will never be for the Black woman, we just don't have the same values.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Black woman no longer aligns with feminism

"I’ve watched white feminists foolishly appropriate racial injustices black women are faced with each day, minimizing or erasing a woman of color’s experience in a society that values whiteness and white womanhood.
White female, cisgendered, able-bodied, straight feminists have effectively sealed off their arena from fellow women who do not fit into their box of who they believe should benefit from the advancement of feminism.
Recognizing this tragic exclusion of other women, I can no longer align myself with a movement that seeks to minimize and erase women who look like me. After years of performing what amounts to a life-changing, soul-searching quest for answers, I feel comfortable and secure in my values to liberate myself from the shackles of feminism. I am no longer a feminist."
-Virtuous woman
 Black Women Against Feminism

I totally agree.
Nubian Queen.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A great read about African american women & their importance to the youth of today.

 Re-post from Black Women Against Feminism
When we take on a culture that's given to us, the result is turmoil. When we allow our youth to become so indoctrinated by main stream artists and celebrities over business owners and self-respecting role-models then we have a problem.
We can't abandon those traditions and family recipes that our grandmothers shared. Family values and morals are crucial to hold on to especially with society throwing them out the window. Slut culture is being glorified more than respectful, graceful women. Let us remember where we come from and how we stood strong together and supported ourselves through all obstacles. Let us embrace ourselves and OUR beauty. AfriKan beauty standards for the AfriKan, European beauty standards for the European. This is very important to our image. AFRIKAN BEAUTY STANDARDS FOR THE AFRIKAN.
We can't keep taking whatever culture or movement that society pushes on us then try to pass it off as black culture. The majority of Black women on reality shows are behaving as unruly programmed shams and this is the image that we are portraying to the world and our youth. Apparently we don't care much about the after-affects since we are giving these type of shows high-ratings, all the while not wanting to be "stereotyped." Truthfully, we have lost ourselves and essence in womanhood and culture. It's up to the community to give the reality check of what is unacceptable.
Women are the first teachers of our children, that's why it's up to us to uphold the culture or it becomes lost and manipulated. We have to keep our ways and keep feminism out of our lifestyle because it has no place in our culture and has proven to be destructive. Let the reconstruction begin.
-Virtuous woman

Couldn't agree more.
Nubian Queen

Monday, August 3, 2015

Can a smile from women change the world? Or have we become too arrogant.

Sadly, some women have become TOO hard and arrogant and almost believe that a person should have to earn a simple smile. We think a smile should be earned but don't understand that protection (as important as it is) should be earned...wow. We'll be disrespectful to the utmost to men and still believe we should be entitled to all protection just because we have a vagina. Yet, we don't see that as women, we are made to be that peaceful and nurturing being. Women are supposed to be more emotional but too many of us have become emotionally UNSTABLE.
And for the deflectors and "masters of excuses," this isn't referring to walking around 24/7 with a smile when a tragedy has happened, but ordinary days. When we have a positive outlook we'll actually be more adored for it.
-Virtuous woman

 The power to make the world a better place has always been with us as women, one of the reasons things are not getting any better, but worse, is because some (feminists and insecurity) have decided that in order to be powerful we must destroy, replace and then behave like men.
In the meantime, everything that could be better is pushed aside by hate in order to compete with men, forgetting as women we already had the power to begin with.
This power is not the same as men, it is different but just as important, in some cases more productive. With a simple smile and a hold of a hand, a woman can ask and make a man change the world around her.
A man provides and protects, a woman keeps it all together.
Posted by Nubian Queen.