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Friday, July 31, 2015

The View Ladies Agree: Woman Slapped by Man in Viral Video Deserved it

My girl Woopie tells it like it is.


This guy explaind all this pretty well. Times have changed, be aware.
 Like the brother say's, it's 2015, it's not the way it use to be, men have been degraded by feminists as violent animals without separating the good from the bad, they call all men bad, and guess what, if you disrespect someone, eventually they will loose respect for you.
Hit a man in today's world, some will hit you back.
Be aware of some real life facts, men are stronger and if you think he won't hit you back because he's a man, well; you better hope your right.
Don't want to experience violence, don't be violent yourself.
And remember who got us to this point. FEMINISM
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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