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Sunday, July 12, 2015

So you say you dont need a man?

For you to say that you don't need a man shows just how unbalanced you, your homes and your relationships are. You're so brainwashed that you don't even see it. You NEED him to make your families compete. You NEED him to lead the family. You NEED him to be the protector of the family and the home. You NEED that masculine energy to balance your feminine energy. Only women who seek to suppress their feminine energy and those who have been brainwashed by feminism believe that equilibrium in the home and family can be accomplished without the presence of a man. I can already hear the naysayers spouting their ignorance, "I don't need a man...". Blah, blah, blah...Tell it to someone who believes you.
Stop trying to be the man in the relationship. You haven't even mastered being the woman yet.
Originaly from BWAF
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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