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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Planned Parenthood caught Selling Baby Parts

Be advise, this is pretty sick, a conversation about killing babies and selling baby parts, all the time eating lunch, cold hearted or what?

In this video at the beginning this radical feminist and every feminist in between, claims it's just a clump of cells,then attacks everyone who doesn't agree with her.

Got a question y'all,
If it's just a clump of cells how come planned parenthood is selling baby body parts for profit???
If you want to know what evil is, those who have no respect for life then try to profit from it is probably as close as one can come.

They're talking about babies, children, as if it's a profit margin, that's what so sick about all this.
Human life is not a clump of cells, it's a human being.
Nubian Queen.

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