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Saturday, July 18, 2015


It's time the "educated" Black woman understand that unless you went to Wife School, getting an education does not make you certified wife material. I watched one of the videos centered around some educated Black women as they professed that they have done everything right but are still single. Looking through feminists binoculars they have done everything right, but in REALITY...umm most likely not. They went on to say that the reason they are not married is because there are simply more Black women than Black men in America and that they really didn't want to interracial date. Well if this is the case, what is stopping the "educated" Black woman, that has moved in the middle class if not higher from traveling abroad? There are Black men all over the world so how is it that their only excuses are that too many Black men are in jail and that we outnumber them?? Do we ever stop to think that we are not being 'wifed' because we are lacking the qualities of one. During this video, I didn't hear one woman mention any feminine qualities of being a woman or wife, such as, how they would love to have warm home-cooked meals prepared for their families or that they wanted a man to lead them, etc.
Too many Black women get an education and want to wear the pants. When we do get in a relationship, we switch from an independent mindset to a mindset of wanting to control the relationship. Getting a degree does not put us above men. It certainly won't guaranteed us to get one because masculine men DO NOT need a provider...they need a wife, a nurturer, a lover, a helpmeet, someone that will turn their house into a home, someone that will respect their leadership. ...Not a woman that he has to constantly combat for the masculine position. Know your role, play your position, or you won't have one.

And before someone says it...no, we are not against education for women, we are educated.
-Virtuous woman

We all have a natural road to follow, if we chose to go the wrong way, it's our own choices, and we have no right to complain.
Nubian Queen

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