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Monday, July 27, 2015

I really hope this is a fake story, Woman sues employer after being refused paid maternity leave for adopting a puppy

 From CBC.
Statistics show that 80% of Canadian mothers take paid maternity leave after giving birth. Well, recently a case has surfaced in Ontario which will likely forever change the way Canadians perceive the concept of maternity leave. Thirty-one-year-old, Barrie, Ontario, resident Trish Lemierre is suing her employer after they refused to give her paid maternity leave after she adopted a six-week-old Bichon Frise puppy.

"I want my 40 weeks just like any other mother."
Trish Lamierre, puppy owner

"Taking care of a puppy is a full-time job and if I am not there for every moment in the first year of its life I have failed as a parent," says Lemierre.
When asked if she thought puppies and babies were different, Ms Lemierre responded: "Absolutely not! A puppy is a baby, a dog baby. I deserve the time to bond with my newborn too!"

Welcome to the new world order, lives don't really matter, but hey, this is important enough to be on the msm.
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