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Sunday, July 5, 2015

CBC; power and politics, NDP, rape culture, all men bad.

Was watching cbc power and politics, sept. 10 2014, 6.00 pm., sure enough they could not resist the NFL story about domestic abuse. And where did the NDP representative(ian capstick) go, looking for the woman vote, directly to, we live in a rape culture...Excuse me????
He said; “we live in a society where women can’t wear what they want, put as much make up, and walk down the street without been raped or look behind their shoulder...In what world does this fool live in???
Coming from the NDP, this is not surprising since it’s infested with radical feminists.
Now, to “inform” this mangina, we do not live in a rape culture, women can wear what they want, paint their faces the way they want and walk down the street in safety...and if anyone tries to rape them we will take care of this individual, instantly.
BUT, there is, male and female individuals who have evil intent on other humans, it has been with us since the dawn of time, and most probably will always be around, unfortunately. The thing is, to be aware of this and to fight it.  This under any circumstances does not define the strong majority of men and women, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives as rapists as this “mangina” was insinuating.
If a man looks at a woman who looks so fine, and does it with respect, it’s not stare rape and I’m sure women will appreciate the “compliment”. Why else would they dress fine?
The idea that the NDP spokesman would accuse all men of been rapists, and that is exactly what he did, is disgusting and repulsive, not only that but it make all women victims. Looking for votes with the wrong message will put this leftist party back where it belongs, in the third row after the next election.
Since the advent of the internet and especially recently with the birth of the mrm, women against feminism, we now have clear information on what and who is raping whom, and some female individuals have been doing it also, more than ever, yet, this person from the NDP preferred to blame men only. So, with the increase of female teachers having sex with under-age male students,
... should we instruct our sons to not dress manly and look above their shoulder every time they go to school and are thought by female teachers, or is it that according to feminists and manginas, boys don’t matter???
Again, we do not live in a rape culture, it does not exist, the act of the individuals on the innocent does not reflect on our society, especially the honor of real men, or women. It does on the other hand; reflect on the elitists who use this bullshit of a non-existent rape culture, to advance their positions, at the expense of truth.
We will never be better than we are if we keep on listening to idiots who thrive on demonizing a whole section of our society, in this case men.

Politics and power has switched from honesty to division, they seem to believe as long as they pit one against the other, they will achieve power, they are so behind the times that they forgot who votes and who really hold power, not them, but us.
As for the NDP, I hope they like their third party position after the next election, because no sane "man" would vote for those who considers all men, rapists...This is a feminist and mangina party, without an understanding of the realities we all live with...

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