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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Businesses are starting to get it, pandering to feminism is a lost cause (and profits).

In this small but significant commercial, "people think boys are loud and immature, don't care about feelings, but their wrong", people been feminism...and especially teachers who try to change nature according to their twisted idealism...
They (meaning businesses) are starting to realize, thanks to sites such as this one and so many others, that pandering to a hateful cult, which is a minority amongst the population, is not exactly profitable and there is more of it on the side of reality...
Thumbs up to companies like Kleenex who have decided to join the real world for the benefit of our children's future.
It is "together" which will change the world for a better life for the next generation not the division ol'cat loving lonely hags with an inferiority complex and their "manginas seems to tag themselves with.

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