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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Woman dares to challenge radical man-hating feminists at Vancouver slut walk.

Woman holds sign at feminist rally saying 'there is no rape culture in the West'

Lauren Southern from the Rebel holds up her sign and explains why she is protesting. "My sign means that there is not a rape culture," she says. "Rapists go to prison here. Rapists are actually hated here. Rapists are fired from their jobs. Men who make rape jokes are fired from their jobs. Go to Africa and you'll see a real rape culture!"

Ms Southern says that she got "a few middle fingers", that her cameraman was "shoved and pushed" and she was called a "bitch", while her sign was ripped up. "It's been an interesting experience," she says.

 Nice to know there are some sane voices out there

There is no rape culture in the West in much the same way as there is no theft culture, no bullying culture, no vandalism culture and no murder culture.
Sure there are bad people, (males and females), but to call our society a rape culture????
We have to stop this bullsh*t feminists and their manginas keep on yapping about "all men bad". A woman who looks at her son, husband, brother, father, does not relate to what these harpies spew out, and it is up to them to put a stop to it. Nice to see some are starting to take a stand in defense of men.

Let's concentrate more on the real problems and the real criminals, not the invention of some lonely cat lover who suffers from an inferiority complex.
The more people listen to these fools, the more problems will arise, concentrating on demonizing innocent decent men, takes efforts away from the real criminals who perform evil acts on the rest and slither away from justice.
Instead of these idiots calling themselves "sluts" which most women do not relate to, they should concentrate more on promoting the good in people, instead, feminism and their manginas always goes negative on all of us, making them...irrelevant.

Also, noticed the slut walk participant where very small, maybe a couple of dozen...(Irrelevant)
Want to call themselves "sluts", go right ahead....Mom and Dad must be real proud.
We are getting a tab bit sick of been called rapists, by a bunch of an angry micro-minority who go home to their cats and suffer from an inferiority complex against normal decent men and women.
Time to fight back...

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