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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This is how ridiculous things are getting in the western world...abuse of the citizenry.

 “I’m half Puerto Rican, and that’s how they get you. Bike on the sidewalk, open alcohol container, things like that,” a young man recently said of New York Police Department officers, in conversation with criminal justice reform advocates. “I am scared of the police if I see one on the street. I’d rather spend a night with the Hell’s Angels on the Lower East Side than go into a police precinct to report anything."

Claims of abusive NYPD practices largely involve alleged false or trumped-up arrests—including collars for “manspreading” (when men riding the subway sit with their legs wide open, often occupying more than one seat’s worth of space) and criminal charges to Bronx moms for standing outside their kids’ school before dismissal. 

The alleged heavy-handed policing, which includes excessive issuing of summonses for quality-of-life violations, stems from the oft-criticized “broken windows” approach to crime-fighting, as well as arrest and ticket quotas, the report charges.

Some of the anecdotes in the report claim officers have even been apologetic while arresting or summonsing for low-level, nonviolent crime or quality-of-life violations.

In one instance, two young women were ticketed for walking through Tompkins Square Park after dark. When they told the police that doing so was safer than walking around the park, officers told them, “Sorry...we have to meet our quotas,” the report says.
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Men Arrested for ‘Manspreading’ on the Subway
“On a recent visit to the arraignment part in Brooklyn’s criminal court, PROP volunteers observed that police officers had arrested two Latino men on the charge of ‘man spreading’ on the subway, presumably because they were taking up more than one seat and therefore inconveniencing other riders,” the report states.

MTA also placed signs on subway cars in December instructing people not to “manspread” as part of a larger campaign to encourage riders to be polite, which also included signs telling people not to hog poles or do their makeup on the train. The “no manspreading” rule in particular, however, got most of the publicity after feminist activists attacked “manspreading” as being not just rude and/or annoying but actually oppressive to women.

Now there’s no doubt that some dude taking up enough room for two people on a crowded train is annoying — but the report claims that the arrests occurred late at night, when the train probably would have been pretty empty: “Before issuing an [adjournment contemplating dismissal] for both men, the judge expressed her skepticism about the charge because of the time of the arrests: ‘12:11AM, I can’t believe there were many people on the subway.”

Of course, even if the train was super crowded, it seems as though simply asking the men to move over might have been a more reasonable option. As the report itself also notes, however, our current system demands that officers meet quotas.

All-in-all, the report listed nearly 120 allegations of abuse, including one claim that a Latino teenager was charged for having a backpack next to him on the train, and that officers “arrested him — cuffed and confined him overnight — when they ran a check and found that he had an outstanding warrant for skateboarding in a Middle Village, Queens park after dark.”
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 Anytime one wants respect, one must give it, whether one is a cop, an elected official or a citizen.
This type of behavior by what we now recognize as the elitist, is another reason in the beginnings of revolution.
Sure it's small, but the problem is, when this type of behavior and abuse, works, it does not stop there, it continues and gets bigger, it's like a drug, they (elitist) just can't help themselves, their respect for the people turns to fear and when that happens, they install silly laws to try to control the people in order to keep what they have. Money and power.
Organizations such as feminism and her mangina for instance are the weakest amongst us, they thrive on fear and victim-hood, everyone is a threat and add these stupid laws(manspreading) and anger starts to fester. Picking on and passing laws against the majority, to please small micro-minorities is not balance, it's an imposition of a belief that's not our own.

This manspreading for instance is one of the most idiotic things any of us ever heard, if you have been on a bus or train, "the majority of men" will move to let a woman, a child or an Elder sit; yet, how many times have we seen "some women, (not all)" have bags or purses beside them and not move them, especially if there is a man standing close by, because it is in their thinking that a woman has the right to do it, because a man will never say anything.

There is no such thing as manspreading, that's just the way men sit...and when the occasion arises, we will accommodate anyone who needs the seat beside us...this is undeniable.

Though this story on arresting men for the way they sit or a woman outside her own kids school is small, as we said, it is abusive, and ridiculous, certainly not the way to get respect. But, if you study history, all revolution always started with small things like this, for example, a tax on tea is not that important in the grand scheme of thing, yet it was the beginning of the end for those who believed they where untouchable and all powerful. And they where so out of touch with that semblance of power that they will even dare to suggest people to eat cake if they can't find bread...

They can use the excuse of "quotas" but as we know, quotas is just a pretty word for abusive laws, unfortunately, this will end up badly, because; Once they go this way, they will continue till the people decides they had enough, and when that happens...it's to late.

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