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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The west, becoming the joke of the world. Manspreading. Mind the gap???

Men ! Mind the gap??? OOOK.
This is just another way for the greedy elitist who use feminist idiocy to grab more money from us..
Whether it's quotas or idiocy, you know something is wrong when RT makes fun of us...
As for the dummy who said "men are the worse"....
Ladies, what the hell is this?

Yes sir, the western world is doing just fine, that's why everyone wants to be like us...
(that's sarcasm by the way)
Feminists; Even Tom Hanks called them idiots.
Actually feminists have come  up with a good idea, for once, let's sit on the bags beside those women who take 2 seats.
Don't sit on the women themselves since they will probably cry rape...just the bags beside them.
See how they like it.
Womanspreading is wrong...lol.

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