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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The paternal (MAN) needs in Black families.

Our children greatly suffer when WE don't choose healthy quality men to be their father. Black girls growing up without fathers will most likely become attracted to an unhealthy quality of men who usually "appear" tough or try act tough on the outside but really aren't intact with masculine instinct to protect and provide. Thus, they are likely to follow the same cycle of dysfunction. A strong father in a daughter's life can also repel unhealthy young men from the jump because they see she has that protection. A mother with strong guidance should set the example of beauty but a father still has a big impact on his daughter's validation of beauty and confidence. Black boys growing up without fathers definitely suffer because they learn most by example. They will seek a male figure to emulate who looks cool in his eyes but may be an unhealthy quality of man. His environment has a lot to do with who he would choose to emulate. That's why it's so important that he be surrounded by good male influences/father figure if his father is absent. Fathers greatly help instill dignity as well as respect for authority.
-Virtuous woman

Remember the message feminists give...Not hating men makes you a whore?
Or the stupidity of their core beliefs about marriage between a woman and a man.

Hate movements fall apart when they turn against those whom they are supposed to represent.. Feminism is no different and they know it. This is who we are listening to?

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Good post, glad you are with us.

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