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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So, some want to be like feminist utopia sweden do they?

 A Brief Introduction To The Country Formally Known As Sweden
(read this before you read the rest)

With the coming elections in Canada, be aware of who you vote for, one party is controlled by radical feminists, which are kept hidden but will make their voice heard if they win the election and the other has a leader that comes out of a radical feminist university and said; " If your pro-life there is no room in this party for you".
If these people get power, false accusations are going to get worse for men...If a woman (not all), acts like a slut, she can turn her "what have I done" to "he raped me".
as in guilty until proven innocent

That said, countries that have adopted man hating feminism as their policies have gone down on all levels, population, financial, economics, national identity, so on...

Balance in politics is a must in order to advance society, fighting amongst each other reduces our capacity to see where the real problems are...
As for those cat lovers and their manginas, unlike them, since we have daughters, wives, sisters and mothers, their message that men want women to be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, washing dishes is the most ridiculous thing anyone could believe. If we continue on giving these low lives who suffer from an inferiority complex a pedestal on which to spew out their venom, we will achieve less than we are capable of.
We (men) want the women in our lives to be who they want to be, to have the respect due to them, not this...
We are not in any position to give anything or to be given or told anything either...
It is "together" that will change things, not the division and lack of self respect feminists show about themselves which most women do not adopt...
Slut walk takes the respect away women have always enjoyed, the feminine is a powerful tool in itself, it has advance women's rights faster than those idiots who embrace "slut" as a demand for power.
Even here, the local radicals like the director of the local woman's shelter erin lee aka erin lee todd, aka "all men achieve power through rape" aka "men buy beer and beat their wives during sporting events" promotes the idea of a slut walk, which only some of the young ladies participate and exposes their exhibitionist tendencies.
Question is, "why isn't those like todd not participate in what she promotes???"
Using the young for a twisted idealism  shows their true nature, if they where serious, "they" would dress like a "slut" themselves.
As we read the post about sweden and it's fall from normalcy, we must ask ourselves if this is what we are and if we want what is not working over there to be brought here.
The idealism, the policies and the idiotic lack of self respect they show when they use the young for their twisted bullsh*t, is freedom of choice, they have the perfect right to express themselves, but with this freedom of expression, we must ask ourselves....
They (feminists and their manginas) should not be ashamed to practice what they preach and let their pears (women) judge if it is the right thing.

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