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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shirtstorm or shirtgate backlash against feminism.

Shirtstorm apparel for both men and women is now on sale. This is the shirt that pissed the feminists off, sold by the very creator herself, so get yours while supplies last.

The same thing happened here in lanark county, Ontario. Basically making fools of those who tried to associate this silly shirt to the way people behave.
The pro feminist left wing media, a.k.a the perth courier, tried to shame a local store for that shirt.
(There was even a racist remark in the report; notably; "By the way, these people are Pakistanis")

What happened? People went out and bought the same shirt. (Which we did also)
Showing freedom of speech and free enterprise is not dictated by ol'hags with an inferiority complex but the choice to buy or not is the realm of the people, not the few.
A cartoon on a shirt does not push people to go around beating each other up, we are a heck of a lot smarter and evolved than what those ol'hags gives us credit for.

The backlash against man-hating feminism is taking root and is now a balance against this cult of hate.


Anonymous said...

Feminism is a hate movement-nothing more-nothing less.


BlackWolf said...

couldn't agree with you more.