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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sex party for Ontario's disabled, all at taxpayers’ expense.

TORONTO, June 16, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Canadian taxpayers are helping to foot the bill for a mass orgy for the disabled this August — dubbed a ‘world first’ — where people in wheelchairs can engage in acts of “sex and nudity” so that their “desires can be fulfilled and fantasies can be explored.”
An entrance fee of $20 brings the disabled person into an atmosphere where one can “indulge in their fantasies, enjoy intimacy with their partner and socialize with like-minded individuals.” The theatre hosting the event has room for 125 people.
The orgy, titled “Deliciously Disabled,” is planned for August 14, two days before the end of the Parapan American Games, which are being held this year in Toronto. To raise awareness of the event, artist Brent Ray Fraser has filmed himself painting a “#DeliciouslyDisabled” sign using his male reproductive organ.
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, a “queer liberation”/LGBTQ activist organization hosting the event, is heavily subsidized, receiving over a million dollars from the federal, provincial, and municipal governments since 2011.
“Taxpayer dollars should not be going towards sex parties in the city. This is a terrible misappropriation of taxpayer’s funds,” Matt Wojciechowski, spokesperson for Campaign Life Coalition, told LifeSiteNews.  “Organizing orgies with tax dollars? Is this really what we’ve come to in this city?”
  • Records show Buddies Theatre received $52,000 (here and here) between 2011-12 from Canadian Heritage, a government department responsible for funding what it calls “cultural affairs.” It received a $161,000 multi-year grant in 2013 from the Canadian Council for the Arts, the federal government’s principal agency for “supporting the arts.”
  • Between 2013-14 the Theatre received about $314,000 (here and here) from the provincial Ontario Arts Council.
  • Between 2011-14 the Theatre received $518,400 from Toronto City Hall via the Toronto Arts Council. The Arts Council states that it provides funding support to “outstanding artists and arts organizations that contribute to the cultural life of the City of Toronto.” On top of this, Buddies is located in a city-owned building that is leased to the company for a “nominal sum,” effective until 2033.
In total, since 2011 the organization has received $1,045,400 in taxpayer funding, and this does not include the actual cost to the city of cheaply leasing the building or the yet-to-be-disclosed 2015 amounts.
Gwen Landolt of REAL Women of Canada laughed at the idea of having an orgy as a way of overcoming what organizers say is a “barrier” for the disabled.
“Putting disabled people in a highly sexed environment is not going to tell anyone anything. Why are taxpayers funding this? It’s just an unacceptable waste of money. It’s a disgrace to Canadian society and a disgrace to the disabled who have dignity and human worth as people, not as sex objects,” she told LifeSiteNews.
Christine Van Geyn, Ontario director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, told Breitbart London that tax-generated funds should go towards fixing real problems, such as the roads, not for creating orgies for the disabled.
“The host organization received $458,291 in government grants last year, which pays for their staff, space, and operating budget. With highways falling down and local taxes going up, subsidizing any kind of orgy should not be a priority for public funds,” she said.
Contact info:
Canadian Heritage
Email: info@pch.gc.ca
Ph: 819-997-0055
Minister of Canadian Heritage
The Honourable Shelly Glover
Email: min.glover@pch.gc.ca
Ph: 819-997-7788
Canadian Council for the Arts
Email: info@canadacouncil.ca
Ph: 613-566-4414
Ontario Arts Council
Email: info@arts.on.ca
Ph: 416-961-1660
Toronto Arts Council
Michelle Parson, Office Manager
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Email: michelle@torontoartscouncil.org
Ph: 416-392-6800
Toronto City Mayor
John Tory
Ph: 416-397-2489
Email: mayor_tory@toronto.ca

There are post's we just don't know what to say, we just let you read it and make up your own mind once informed, but we do know this, taxpayers' money can be better serve really helping the disabled, the elderly and especially children,  most of which go hungry or have to chose between meal budget and medication...
Under these rules the west seems to follow lately, it's headed in the wrong direction, I mean, would you want to fight, put your lives at risk to defend this crap???
Everyone has a right to peaceful living, but there has to be a point where morality has to be defended as much if not more than immorality, if the latter is promoted as the new norm, well, good luck in trying to sustain that type of society.
Those, who society depends on to protect them and their right to a free society are just not going to rush to the front lines and jeopardize their lives if they do not believe in what is passed off as the new norm...
Even though TNC will defend the rights of people to be who they want to be in the privacy of their own homes, perversion is just not one of them.
TNC does not agree or promote the derogatory comments made on this video, but recognize that using kids can promote anger and revulsion which in itself can lead to hatred. There has to be balance and recognition of limitation in life, the video lacks that.

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