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Sunday, June 14, 2015

No healthy woman wants a feminine man.

By  Ro √Člori Cutno
If you're a straight man, just look AND act like one! (Practice if necessary, you know if this is you!)
Quality heterosexual women will be turned off by men who are feminine in any way.
It's only fair that we accept the fact that quality heterosexual men will be turned off by masculine women! Practice being feminine!
When a healthy, masculine, heterosexual man is challenged by another masculine entity he will do one of two things; Fight or walk away.
Institute Of Feminine Grace
Where Women Become Ultimately Powerful Ladies

Things are relatively simple in life if you find your place, and recognize your own power directed by who you really are...
Try to be someone else, listen to feminists and nothing will work out for you.
A feminine woman has more power than those who try to be who they where never meant to be.
Posted by Nubian Queen

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Makes sense.