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Friday, June 5, 2015

Montreal grand prix; When feminists shame women.

*Trigger warning: you will see boobs in this post. LOL.

Femen Quebec is a small group of girls, and with some too busy to protest on Friday, it came down to an army of two: Neda Topalowski and Julie-Anne Beaulac. At Neda's apartment, already topless, they explained what they would be doing. "There's this F1 car on display outside of Winnie's bar," said Neda. "I'm going to climb on top while Julie-Anne holds a banner on the balcony. We're going to be masturbating with dildos. It's the ultimate display of masculinity and male pleasure, which shows what the Grand Prix is really about. The whole Grand Prix is male pleasure - the competition, the wealth, the girls."

In their press release, Femen called the Grand Prix, Le Gros Penis (the big penis).
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I don't think we have to analyze this any further, it's damn obvious they don't know what self respect is with messages like "men stop f*cking us" and playing with dildos in public, so on, let alone respect for womanhood as a whole.
This isn't a men 's only sport, whole family go there with their kids...
Then again, nobody ever accused feminists of having any kind of respect for anyone.
Jezz...Daddy must be really proud of these girls...(sarcasm)
This will continue until women decide they have had enough and stop it themselves,
This kind of behavior doesn't demand respect for them at all.

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