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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lesbian Hockey Coach, 39, Gets Year in Jail for Molesting 15-Year-Old Girl

Story FromThe Other McCain

Heidi Ferber had competed in hockey all across North America and Europe, but left the sport after suffering too many concussions. In 2010, she became assistant coach to a girls’ hockey team in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The head coach of the team was Alex Petrie, whose daughter Chanelle played on the team:

The player and assistant coach struck up a friendship, Ferber becoming a mentor both on and off the ice.
Within two months, Ferber began sexually preying on the 15-year-old during hockey road trips and secret encounters carefully hidden from Petrie’s parents. . . .
[At a February court hearing] Crown prosecutor Don Mann outlined circumstances of what started as friendship and swiftly changed due to Ferber’s aggressive sexual demands. . . .
Mann said Petrie was confused about her sexuality at the time, something exploited by Ferber. . . .
The pair kissed about a month-and-a-half after meeting. By November 2010, Ferber was making sexual advances on Petrie.
During the season and into mid-2011, the two had what Mann characterized as “countless sexual encounters.”

So, the 39-year-old lesbian coach made “aggressive sexual demands” on a 15-year-old girl who “was confused about her sexuality.”

Ferber was convicted and last week was sentenced to one year in jail.

One year — what if Ferber had been a male coach or teacher who had “countless sexual encounters” with a 15-year-old? One year?

Ferber’s defense attorney “characterized Ferber as an emotionally unstable and previously closeted gay woman who suffered from concussions and epilepsy that clouded her judgement.”

Oh, so it’s OK to have sex with a 15-year-old if you’re an “emotionally unstable” closet case with a history of head injuries? Then why not just turn loose all the  lunatics at the psych ward and give them directions to the nearest high school? Those schizos can’t be blamed for what happens — they’re “emotionally unstable,” after all.

The one ray of sunshine in this otherwise sordid tale is Chanelle Petrie. With the support of her parents, the 18-year-old survivor is now playing college hockey and actually appealed to the Canadian court to lift a ban on publishing her identity as a victim.

Petrie . . . says she wanted the publication ban
lifted because she wants other young people who have
faced abuse to know that it’s OK to speak out.
“You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself.
You did nothing wrong. That’s a huge message that
I think really needs to be put out there,” she said.

By the way, do you know how Ferber got caught?

Court heard that in 2011, the girl wrote a poem containing suicidal references.
In early 2012, she told her mother what was going on and the two went to police.

Chanelle contemplated suicide because of those “countless sexual encounters” with Heidi Ferber. Think about that.

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