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Friday, May 8, 2015

Women and men must stand together against the evils of this world, otherwise, we already lost everything.

There may be some exceptions to "having it all" but for the most part we can't put our everything and BEST into being a wife, mother and POWERFUL career woman at the same time. She's not saying that we can't do all three but it's about dedicating MOST OF OUR TIME to nurturing our family, which is most important. Ladies remember your FEMININE role. Numbers don't lie. More women were married and more children were bore in wedlock when men and women had more defined roles. Feminism has been in work blurring the male/female roles and has caused a lot of imbalance in our relationships/families and society.
-Virtuous woman
Original posted at Black Women Against Feminism
She makes a good point; "we, men and women, cannot be all that all at the same time, we need each other. Men need us just as badly as we need them, cause even they cannot balance everything at the same time."
Our men are under attack everywhere they turn, why is that?
Can they handle the forces against them all by themselves?
Or do they need us, women, to stand by them so our children can have what is best in life?
If anything we know how hard it is to go through life alone, so why do some women accept the feminist idea that men do not need "our help"?
I will say this, if we as women turn to those who hate men for advice, we forgo our natural strengths given to us by God, faith is not only a spiritual thing, it's also a personal one.
Can I have an Amen.
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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