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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Victimhood, sexism, feminism. All for financial gains at the expense of...kids?

Victimhood is Billions of Dollars for Women and specifically those sexist and biased feminists..
feminasties have been sucking billions of dollars out of the taxpayers (MOSTLY MEN) pockets for that long that it's now has an accepted "bill due" status.
(f)eminists do nothing for society except drive hate against Boys and Men at the cost of every individual in society. 
The privileged princesses may be "winning" now but they have not had an even small demonstration of what is in store for them when theirs excesses begins to wear off.
The "Enjoy it while you can" term, seems completely applicable to the narcissistic behaviour of women generally. They have clearly demonstrated in more ways then one, that they do not give a damn where the money comes from as long as they are getting it and can keep spending it. 
The level of narcissus that women pass onto males when young, is the major worry, as it's females that are now spewing out more spawn for money from the government while that new "baby" will never see it's Father. That will cause more damage and harm than anything else that could possibly be specifically designed to destroy society.
Bubonic Plague would be safer, more sparingly painless than a society reliant of the sole efforts of females spawning and raising kids on their own. All philosophers, books of knowledge including all five major religions all warn about historic examples of such actions destroying the precise areas where that was tried, while destroying it completely. History is a real bugger..
That very narcissism can now be viewed and witnessed, as we watch the antics of the "NEW" generation at "almost work" and "plenty of play" just like mommy taught them. Gone are the old principles and anything else that use to help people cope and survive. Now, via those baby "mommas" we have the "It''s ALL about ME" mentality, that helps neither the one screaming it or society as a whole. 
It is all just one major disaster from "whoa to go" and we can all thank those moronic narcissistic, delusional feminists that have already backed right off while "allowing the fourth" level of cretonians a go. As if they would actually give a single damn..
Original post by...WMASAW
TNC does not promote the idea all women are the same, we know many, friends and family who work very hard at keeping their families together against all odds. The most negative of all problems in their lives are...feminists and their manginas.
Victim-hood is not only an issue about women who take advantage of it, but the feminists who use it openly to destroy the traditional family, to be replaced by what they perceive to be better, their twisted ideology...
Under those circumstances, the single mother, the child, suffers and the father is left alone wondering how to fight such a destructive force against him while been alienated for those he loves.

Though this destructive thinking on the part of "some women", feminists and their mangina is starting to wear off, we still have a long way to go to be equal and mutually respected for our place in the circle. When we realize, destructive thinking will not make things better, that one needs the other to survive and more importantly, to raise kids, the local cat lover(aka;the feminist) will disappear, to be studied as the most idiotic of all ideas, placed where it belongs, in the graveyards of history.

Their way as been tried, it has shown to be extremely stupid to follow such an ideology where we can do things on our own, without support. Kids have suffered because of the self-centered thinking of some, and when they think of themselves first, they all failed as adults.
The ol'saying 'We do not own anything but borrow it from our children" applies in every move we make since we cannot take it with us, so what we leave behind is our legacy, and I for one do not want to be remembered for supporting an ideology which puts children at risk nor the society they want to impose on us...

Family unity and balance is difficult, for men and women,  but how difficult is it, when we fail to understand, what we do will reflect on how our kids handle that future...
After all, do they not imitate our behavior?
Doesn't say much for the future does it, or is it that today is now more important?
If we let others speak for us, we, and that is "men and women, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands", fail miserably as adults.

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