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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The lost of the Black American woman's femininity is a lost to life's balance.

It's feminism that has devalued the feminine woman and her role in society. Feminism is one of the biggest causes of the erasure of our traditional values. A woman going against her nature or embracing female masculinity is uplifted by feminists and often highlighted in the media. In the fight to dismantle patriarchy, it is feminists that have declared the masculine role to be of more value while shunning femininity and uplifting masculinity, and competing with men to be in the dominant position. This has thrown off balance in relationships and families. Since feminists are failing at competing with male masculinity they try to find ways to emasculate men through shaming, belittling, etc. Remember it's hard to "out-do" the original, instead try MASTERING your natural being. -Virtuous woman

Woman Realizes She’s Been Verbally Abusing Her Husband Without Even Knowing It
 How does it benefit me to constantly belittle my husband? The man that I’ve taken as my partner in life. The father of my children. The guy I want to have by my side as I grow old. Why do I do what women are so often accused of, and try to change the way he does every little thing? Do I feel like I’m accomplishing something?

 The bottom line in all this is that I chose this man as my partner. He’s not my servant. He’s not my employee. He’s not my child. I didn’t think he was stupid when I married him – otherwise I wouldn’t have. He doesn’t need to be reprimanded by me because I don’t like the way he does some things.

 Me and my friends where having a conversation on where to take this web page next, do we continue to expose what the problems are, inside our families or do we try to go further.
The conversation went on to, how feminism and those who support them are hell bent on dividing everything that the past gave us, how they seem to attack anything that was given to us, what they seem to forget is, everything that exists in our live comes from our ancestors who lived before us, namely our grandparent, or as he said our Elders.
If you think about it, it's them they are insulting, and if we don't have the old ones to listen to, which no one seems to do lately, then who do people turn to? Feminist? Maybe the elite?

Useless Division used by the feminist is not something new or the only group that does it.
They are a tool in a greater purpose, they're just to stupid to see it.
Either as a problem between man and woman, in the family home or as a greater policy, this division seem to be an ongoing process of those who consider themselves better than anyone else.
We fight with each other while they take what's not theirs to begin with.

Though there is major political problems in African society, brought on by corruption, people as a whole still favor the unity of the traditional family and the continent is ours.
We don't have the same problems of the North American Indian who lives confined to a reservation on his own land.
Or do we?
He pointed out that maybe it doesn't exist in Africa, but if you look closer, it does exist in other parts of the world, the word might be different but the policy of grouping those who are different is still alive and well.
They call theirs reserves, we call ours ghettos.
Right there I realized that he was right and never saw it that way.
From this division policy we can see smaller organizations who are hell bent on destroying what the Old ones gave us, planned parenthood with its beginnings in racism, and firmly entrenched in Black American neighborhoods, feminism controlled by radical lesbians, the attacks on our men and God forbid if your a homemaker.
 Many see all of this as an attack on men only, not true, if you look closely, they will dirty the word feminine just as much as the word man.

If you love been under the wing of your man, if you love been provided by him, if you love him for his manly character, his strengths, and if you give him credit for all this, your a slave, according to them.
Remember sisters, this alsoworks the other ways, been feminine doesn't make you a slave, it gives you the balanced strength a family needs. A man is more attracted, more loving, a better provider if he is recognized for what he is, and if he sees his opposite, a feminine woman with her own gifts.
Both have something to give to each other, that is the unity and power of nature, all have their own opposite that offers balance, a flower, an insect, an animal, life is an opposite, and that is what brings out the beauty of a good life.

In closing, you want to be a feminist or call yourself one, go ahead, you will develop an anger that will follow you for life, because you listened to the wrong people.
Close your eyes to what they really represent.
Do we really need to study how to be be women? or who men are? or do we already know as women that our natural instincts gives us all we need, and that we are not nor ever will be slaves to men, and certainly not slaves to feminist hate doctrine.To hate one group always invites hate of another, it's a domino effect.

I like my man to be a man, he likes his woman to be a woman, he is not my property, I am not his, our kids under these simple rules live a happy life, we don't need to be told by those who are ALONE, without a good man, who and what we are, we trust our instincts and, as my friend always refers to, been part of the circle of life, just like everything this natural world has created, balance is part of a happy life.

Posted by Nubian Queen.

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