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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Suffering, unstable abortion patients kicked to the curb by abortion facilities..

 “It appeared that this woman should have still been in the recovery room, because she was having a hard time keeping her balance and she appeared to be in pain,”
“It is obvious the clinic staff just wanted her out of the office so they could go home. There’s really no other reason why she wasn’t allowed to wait for her ride in the clinic, rather than out on a street curb. This is the kind of callous treatment women get not only at South Wind, but at abortion facilities around the country,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It really is despicable.”
Patient care standards require woman to be in stable condition before being discharged. In addition, it is a violation of the accepted standard of care for an abortionist to leave the clinic before the last patient is discharged.
This irresponsible practice creates a hazardous situation for abortion patients who may suffer complications that manifest during the recovery period.
Read full story here...
This show clearly, it is never about the health of women, but to promote an ideal and financial gains...
As feminism ever been about the rights of anyone, can we even give them credit for anything?
The rights of anyone is basically fought for by men and women, without this co-operation, nothing ever changes. The very idea that in the past, fathers wanted their daughter to be nothing more than property is laughable. If anything we all want what is best for them.
Feminism has it's beginning in racism, (just search feminism and racism) whether one was First Nation, Asian or Black, the main leadership was and has always been privileged white women. They take this cult as their own little hate-on for men, and their idea that they should be men instead of the natural balance of men and women.
I recently tested the waters here in Lanark county, to see if I was wrong, and sure enough, they(local feminists) showed and re-inforced my definition of these hags as nothing more than confused, low-self esteem creatures who suffer from an inferiority complex towards men and refuse to admit, as women they have their own worth if they only would recognize it.
There is absolutly nothing that cult has ever touched which ended in the right direction, they demeen life itself, use anyone and everyone to benefit themselves financially and use it well to attack anyone, bare none, to advance this twisted world of theirs...
As the story above clearly shows, when they are done with women, they simply throw them out unto the curve without a care in the world. Abortion is not a simple procedure, once done everything is fine as they try so hard to convince us of...This procedure demand continuation, especially the emotional well-being of the woman who went through it.
The majority of women who go through abortions sometimes go through years of regret, and have medical problems which last years. Yet these ol'hags put statistics ahead of the welfare of women, it is more important for them to claim how many crossed their door than to offer real help.

A young girls recently had an abortion, local hags did not explained anything about what was to come after, the emotional and medical problems.
It was one of the saddest moments we have ever experienced, extreme lost of weight, Anaemia (lack of iron), stress and depression was present to this young lady. Her very life was in danger and after the procedure, the feminists of lanark county ontario simply threw her to the curve, no explanation, no return visit, no compassion. It took "a man" to explain what was going on, a male doctor to care for her and diagnose the real problem and the finances of a father to make sure his daughter did not go further into depression...
Such is the reality of lanark county feminism, ol'hags who use young girls to advance their statistics in order to gain financially and increase their twisted self-worth and funding...under those circumstances you can understand why we keep on pointing out the corruption of this cult.

Also, we have been attacked, demonized, and accused of some of the most ridiculous if not comedic accusations, by the local women's shelter, the local legal clinic and every feminist in between, trying to shut this site down, it is thanks to the honesty of people around us that we where able to counter this stupidity. Dare to criticize this "cult' and your in for a hell of a time....make sure you have a strong will and character.

As human beings, we can do better than this, to give unlimited power to these people who claim to represent women yet use them for their own benefit has produced a dangerous situation in our society. They refuse to admit their idea of equality has put in danger countless women, demonized men for simply been males, and created a generation so confused about morality that if we do survive as a society, it will be a miracle.

In closing;
We all have an opinion about abortions, the point is, this is not a simple procedure then all is fine as feminists seem to claim. Whether you recognize it as an equal right or lack thereof for the unborn is not the reason for this post, we have made our point of view on this very clear.
It is about the uncaring attitude of those who promote it as a normal thing, they refuse to talk about what comes after, the hardship, the misery, the health problems not to mention the emotional strain they have caused on so many.
Feminism as an organization has become an industry, it provides a living for the corrupt few who use it to benefit themselves, all at the expense of women and children. We see they do not care about what comes after an abortion, and that shows how dark their character really is.

Personal thoughts;
Last time I checked, it takes 2 to tango, that said, is abortion the realm of women only?
It takes 2 to make a child, takes 2 to raise a child, takes 2 to provide and nurture a child, so why is it, when a woman talks about an abortion, it's her decision only?
Like we said, it's not about been pro or against, but after the fact.
Nature made us different for a reason, we need each other for everything, the reason so many women go through such hardships after, is because someone down the line told them that they don't need the other half of the act...
If man is against it, talk, and reason why, do not impose yourself....if you agree, make sure you are there for what comes after, because as much as we need them, they also need us...for everything.
It is pretty obvious that something is missing with the feminist equation that men have no right to discuss the issue.
If it takes 2 to make a child, then the decision to have an abortion should also involve two...
Maybe this way, there would be less of them and less pain for our women.

TNC does not promote abortion, this site is pro-life....
We do not "impose" ourselves on others, just offer an opinion.


Anonymous said...

Thank you

Nikyon the clan mother said...

Whatever the choice and I hope it's life,it takes two to make things right and to make the right decision.
Good post.

Nubian Queen said...

Excellent post.I would recommend to women if it comes to this type of decision,talk to your man you might be surprised on what he says about it.
Ignoring him about it might bring him to ignore you?