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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Posters Go Up Around Columbia Calling Mattress Rape Protester A "Pretty Little Liar"

Early this morning, an anonymous person or persons put up posters around Columbia University—in the 116th Street subway station, outside of Tom's Restaurant, on stoplights and construction walls—emblazoned with the image of student Emma Sulkowicz and her now-iconic mattress. Since September 2014, Sulkowicz has been dragging the mattress around campus as a protest against the school's handling of her rape allegations against another student. (That student, Paul Nungesser, has since sued the university.) This morning's posters accuse Sulkowicz of making it all up, dismissing her as "Pretty Little Liar" with the caption "Emma Sulkowitz" [sic] and "RapeHoax."
Story here.

It's about time people start holding these false accusers to account.
Large poster exposing liars is not a bad idea....

Note for your protection; (because we care about you)
Do not tell a feminist she looks good, that is considered sexual harassment.

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