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Friday, May 29, 2015

Mother abuses 9 y old daughter because she looked like her dad.

 Emaciated girl, five, discovered weighing just 19 pounds after 'mother forced her to live in closet as she looked like father
A five-year-old girl was found weighing just 19lbs - half the average weight for her age - after her mother allegedly forced her to live in a closet because she looked too much like her father.
Asusena Marie Gonzales has  been charged with child abuse and neglect after allegedly starving and beating her daughter at their home in Oklahoma City.
The little girl was severely malnourished. The bones in her joints were visible, her arms and legs were painfully thin and she was covered in marks from being beaten with a cord, police said.
Social workers said the 31year-old's other five children appeared healthy, but Gonzales allegedly targeted the little girl because she looked the most like her father, and the couple had fallen out.
She allegedly locked her daughter in the closet and gave her just a cup in which to urinate and defecate.
Gonzales is also accused of withholding food from her daughter, so her weight fell to just 19lbs, The Oklahoman reported.
Social workers found the little girl on Monday, and immediately called police.

One officer said: 'When I spoke with her, she did not focus on my face and uttered words I could not comprehend.'
Her thighs were covered in marks which suggested she had been beaten with a cord, and she had a couple of small cuts on her arm which still had dried blood in them.

Police said the closet smelled of urine and faeces, but the rest of her children seemed healthy and well-fed.
Gonzales allegedly told police she hadn't taken the girl to the doctors since she was four-years-old. She was born prematurely, weighing just 4lbs.
Officers took the little girl to hospital for treatment. The other children were taken into protective custody by the state's Department of Human Services.
Gonzales was also wanted on seven charges including disorderly conduct and failure to show insurance.
She was charged on Monday and released on $20,000 bail. 
 Any kind of violence especially against kids is not a gender issue and never should be, but according to feminists who do not acknowledge some women can be as violent if not more than men, then this will happen again and again...
I hope this baby knows nothing but happiness and peace from this day on....
If we do not look after our kids, protect them at all cost, give them the life they deserve above everyone else, what does that say of us?

The more feminist ignore this destructive behavior towards kids because it's performed by bad women, they will be seen as nothing more than a hate club.

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