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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feminists threaten to behead Paul Joseph Watson over #HowtoSpotaFeminist

Simple enough, feminists describe themselves.

Are they usually fat & ugly, always inherently unlikeable, supremely hypocritical, snarky, annoying, deluded, intransigent?
If you believe they are, you're normal, after all they do put out there who and what they are using their own mouth, character and expression...
I mean, it's not any of us who put these words out there..you don't see us describing women they way they describe men.
erin lee
Take us for instance, we didn't just wake up one morning, after a coffee and say" F*uck it, we hate feminists(and their manginas)".
TNC believes and promotes;
Everyone has the right to exist and express themselves freely, and express themselves they did.
It is their actions that dictates what we think of them, they are to stupid to see for themselves that how present themselves is the perception people have. How can anyone have respect for someone who has nothing but hate and disdain for the men around them, and yes even the manginas that sides with them who believe they are oppressors of their own daughters, mothers, wives so on.
You know, the inferior male who has, just like the feminist an inferiority complex against other males.

Men, (and that's "real men") understand full well who protects their right to crap out the sh*t they do (pardon my french), if it wasn't for us, there would be no right to speak ones own thoughts, free speech, on and on and on...Does it make us better, of course not, but we do understand that if it wasn't for us...
There would be no...

So, do we hate feminists and their manginas, no not really, actually we pity them; to live life with such hate and an inferiority complex, instead of enjoying life and making things better is one hell of a way to live, and the way they behave, frustration must be a daily occurrence for them, poor things.

Sarcasm aside;
They continue with their hate, express themselves openly on what they think of men and women who love them, it is their own words which brings them to the place they are, not the rest of us.
And if anyone dares to tell it like it is, then he "or she" is threatened; freedom of expression, freedom to criticize is not for the chosen few, otherwise we would be living in a totalitarian regime, they are not allowed to throw the crap they do out there and have no one respond to the false accusations they are so well known for, opposition to such b*llsh*t is a necessary thing, otherwise, we will be so weakened, not by outside enemies, but those inside, that our society will never have a chance to evolve.
Again, if it wasn't for men....

and present...
ISIS slaughters 400 mostly women and children in ancient Syria city of Palmyra where hundreds of bodies line the street

You have the perfect right to be who you want to be,

but for God's sakes, give credit where credit is due...

Unless you really believe your freedoms depend solely on the local feminist and her mangina?...

As for #HeForShe...(which has always been there by the way)
How can you have #heforshe,
Alongside #KillAllMen?
Doesn't life's balance dictate if there is to be a he for she, shouldn't there be a she for he?
And they wonder why we oppose everything they stand for.....

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