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Monday, May 25, 2015

Fathers day and the African American family

 Originally posted on BWAF
Fathers Day the Unisexulization of Gender Confusion:The Destruction of the Black Male Image
No one is denying the fact being a single Mother is a difficult and enduring Job. Now if you had sex with a Man, and he abandoned you and your child, it does not mean by some form of Miracle You BECAME A MAN! You Cannot BE a Mother and a Father at the same time, in the same Body. Stop allowing Lesbian Feminist Hallmark Propaganda Fool you into Gender Confusion. You are a Mother, embrace Your Motherhood as it is the Highest Honor for a Woman, and Allow the Man to be a Man and Embrace his Fatherhood. If he isn't there, and does not care for his Seed, then it is a Void, let your child thank his Grandfather, his Uncles etc...But DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE A MAN. THIS GENDER CONFUSION NEEDS TO STOP. No Single Father says on Mothers Day, well I'm the Mother and Father at the Same time unless he is a Homosexual!

Responsibility towards one's child is teaching them about the truths of this world, like MAMA AFRIKA say's, don't let those who want to destroy the role of the man based on their own hate dictate what reality is...
It takes two to make a child, and if there is abandonment by the father, then it's a choice that man made, not the choice of all men around us.
Been a mother is a blessing, it has it's own rewards and been a father is another, if a woman tries to be a man or vice versa, then we take away the natural laws of life and throw into this messed up world another child with unreal perception of his or her surroundings , we continue the confusion.
There is always a man around who will take up the slack in a child's life, find him, and give that child a chance to confront the future with what's real, not the confused world of the lesbian feminists who is destroying the concept of reality.
Anytime they describe men it always goes with dead beat dad or whatever, when did you ever heard these feminists give credit to the Black family man who takes care of his woman and his children?
After all, isn't there more of them than those who abandon their family?
That alone shows their true nature and why so many of them are lesbians, they just don't like men.

Mothers day, fathers day are independent of each other and for a good reason, one cant be the other, if dad is not around, find grandpa, uncle, older brother, make sure the child goes through life understanding the place and responsibility and what is expected of them as they grow up, a lesson learned the right way, will go a long way to make Black American kids grow to be themselves instead of trying to find it on the streets.
If dad isn't there, doesn't mean men are not....it simply means one person is missing in the picture.
To make our surrounding according to one person's bad decision is what's destroying our families.

Posted by Nubian Queen

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