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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Decadence; the decline and inevitable death of the western world

If we take a look at history, civilizations never decliner gracefully, and the west is no exception...
Feminism, porn, abortions, redefinition of life itself, (clump of cells describing pre-born babies), disrespect for the Elders, end of marriage and loyalty, greed, even the re-definition of democracy to accommodate micro-minorities and immoral behavior, which goes after the young, instead of teaching them responsibilities.
And this is just one group, we still have the rich, the elitists, business, politics, and secret organizations bent on taking as much as possible for themselves at the expense of people.

We can go deeper into this fall of civilization simply by looking at how the young and the old are treated. 
The young are passed around as a tool, the social programs which was for helping, is now targeting them to advance their self-worth, financial well-being and personal power. 
They are identified as unruly if they show the slightest active fun type behavior, given pills to control them, long term this is not going to end well, since we will depend on them when we all get old.
They are made to sit at home, playing xbox, forget about playing outside, street hockey or stick ball is now too dangerous, made illegal usually because it upsets the neighborhood spinster.

Heck they even have pot dispensers in B.C. I have no problem with legalizing it, but not in the way they are doing it now...To a kids, whether pot, ecstasy, meth, cocaine, it all has the same definition, "drugs". Without the proper controls and explanation that drugs are potentially life altering, what's the difference between them? Those who are promoting it, selling it, and benefiting from it, are selling this product just like the cigarette industry did...openly, on the streets, on tv, as if it's liberating. And the main reason for this? Profits.

How about the Elderly? Or the sick? Slowly they are offering suicides and euthanasia. Oh they are explaining it as humane, but the real reason it is been slowly put into our consciousness is...the cost.
Health care cost too much and if they could save more imagine what they could do with all that money.....They will be able to give themselves an even higher bonus (in the millions) and those whom we elect will also be able to give themselves raises, claiming they are worth it...ever had a job where you can give yourself a raise????
Remember when they (governments) use to build schools, hospitals, bridges, so on, with no deficit whatsoever? their reason to legalize drugs is to have more money, what the hell did they do with what we gave them in taxes? We didn't even have income taxes before 1917 and this was to pay for the great war. How did they manage back then?

Some would say, the past shows it takes hundreds of years for a civilization to fall, yes that's true, but they did not have the technology we do today and the information that can be accessed through the Internet, that alone will will bring it about even faster. Ever seen how fast a demonstration can pill up simply by putting it on twitter? Try to cut accessibility to welfare, if your able to work, you can't be on it for more than a year, (for example), see how fast the streets are full of those who they have trained to be dependent on governments.

And other will say, but the west has always treated others with disdain, killing and murdering to build empires, (just ask an Indian). Yes that also is true, but...
They tried their best to make sure their own back yard was healthy and productive, they knew they would not survive if they did it to their own people. Look at them now, they treat their own as garbage to be used as they well pleased, that's the difference.
Many empires fell because of this, sacrifices and total disrespect for their own population.
But the main reason was decadence, greed and immoral behavior. (sound familiar)

There are many other example we can talk about on why the west is on it's way out, wars, racism, sexism, the disrespect of life, hate. The elitist is living in the past, still believing they are in total control, they can't seem to understand they lost that control when the web came about, we now know what they do, what they take, who they abuse, so on...

Ironically, countries like china, north korea, so on, do not have a corrupt youth, or should we say an immoral youth thought to disrespect the natural way of things, and that is what's so scary, we could use our technology to make things better, to advance self respect and responsibilities, to look after our Elder and our sick, but instead, they(elitist) sit on their fat asses and try to find ways to take even more from the rest of us....
Nothing will change until it's to late, that is what greed does, one only has to look at the news, if we can still call it that, to see that it is to f*cking late to do anything....
So be it, hopefully the next civilization can learn from our mistakes, and that is, to be a sheep is to die like a sheep.

To write about all and everything that is wrong would take to long, it is up to people to research, look around and figure out for one's self, how to make things better, the reason we are here is to make things better for the next generation, in this responsibility...many have failed.
I recently realised that corruption is far deeper than I thought, that is the result in...simply looking...
The more you research the more one finds out how bad it is.
I am not that pessimistic about the future, as always and as history shows, they push until people get sick of it, and then people push back.
The question is...what will be left?

And that is my rant for the day...

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