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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another strange false accusation of assault in the Ottawa On. area.

 Woman's allegation of bizarre running trail assault 'unfounded,' police say
Police say there is “no threat on the trails” and have dropped their investigation into a woman’s “unfounded” claims of a bizarre and highly publicized alleged assault on the running trails of Sheila McKee Park in the city’s west end.
The woman claimed to police and in TV news interviews that she had been attacked while jogging on running trails by an alleged assailant who knocked her unconscious, then used her cellphone to take pictures of her injuries which he sent to people in her contact list.
Police said multiple details reported by the woman couldn’t be substantiated and West District detectives have closed their investigation.
“There is no threat on the trails,” said police spokesman Const. Chuck Benoit.
On May 15,  police made an appeal to the public, complete with a suspect description, to help identify the person they were told was responsible for the attack, one day after the woman appeared on CTV Ottawa news about the incident. Her identity was concealed in the report.
Police said at the time that the woman had been running the trails in the Dunrobin-area park for about 25 minutes when she heard a man yelling at her. She was then hit in the back of the head. The woman claimed she had been hit repeatedly in the face before passing out.
She then told police she awoke to the sound of her own cellphone ringing and found that the man she claimed had attacked her had taken pictures of her injuries and sent them to her phone contacts before fleeing.
One of those friends had called police, police initially were led to believe. Police say they received the report of the assault from the woman before she went to CTV Ottawa with her story.
The woman will not be charged, police said.

Best comment...
If the woman faked it, then why isn't she at the very least being charged with making a false police report? This sort of shenanigan causes problems for people to be believed when they report real crimes. 


Another question is; 
Where are all those feminists in the Ottawa area who would have stormed on this story with their "men all rapists" rhetoric if this would have been shown to be true???
Why aren't they exposing this as a major problem which demeans the real victim???
This is why we do not take them seriously anymore, they obviously condone false accusations with their silence.
As long as they do not take on this problem, which "they" created, this will go on and real victims will suffer.

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