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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin dares to be honest about First Nations.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin says Canada attempted to commit “cultural genocide” against aboriginal peoples, in what she calls the worst stain on Canada’s human-rights record.
(I don't think any of us would use the word "attempted" She souls have gone directly to "committed".)

Genocide – an attempt to destroy a people, in whole or part – is a crime under international law. The United Nations’ Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted in 1948, does not use the phrase “cultural genocide,” but says genocide may include causing serious mental harm to a group.

Chief Justice McLachlin appears to be the highest-ranking Canadian official to use the phrase. Former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin used it two years ago in describing residential schools for aboriginal children when he testified before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up by the Conservative government. That commission is to make its report public next week.

“The most glaring blemish on the Canadian historic record relates to our treatment of the First Nations that lived here at the time of colonization,” Chief Justice McLachlin said.

After an initial period of inter-reliance and equality, she said Canada developed an “ethos of exclusion and cultural annihilation.”

“The objective – I quote from Sir John A. Macdonald, our revered forefather – was to ‘take the Indian out of the child,’ and thus solve what was referred to as the Indian problem. ‘Indianness’ was not to be tolerated; rather it must be eliminated. In the buzz-word of the day, assimilation; in the language of the 21st century, cultural genocide.” She made clear that this treatment extended well into the 20th century.
(We are in the 21st century and nothing has changed)
Recent picture of an Elder's up North looking for food in a "dump".

John Borrows, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Law at the University of Victoria, called the Chief Justice’s use of the term “unparalleled” in Canadian history.

He said the term is unlikely to have legal consequences, but carries symbolic importance coming from the Chief Justice. “A lot of indigenous people and other people have been asking for that word to be part of our vocabulary because it does more fully communicate the weight of what happened.”

She also pointed to the outlawing of aboriginal religious and social traditions, such as the potlatch and the sun dance, and to residential schools, in which children who had been taken from their parents “were forbidden to speak their native languages, forced to wear white man’s clothing, forced to observe Christian religious practices and sometimes subjected to sexual abuse.

The objective was to ‘take the Indian out of the child,’ and thus to solve what John A. Macdonald referred to as the ‘Indian problem.’”

What she and other said here is not something we don't already know, but to say it out loud is a beginning. (And only a beginning)
The problem is, demonizing first nations people is so entrenched that it will take generations to undo the damages done. 
Take layton and the ndp in the last election, Martin had as good policy, with financial help for the nations, but because layton defeated the liberal minority government of the time, harper and the conservative got in, and eliminated the policies. Layton and his ndp showed, opportunity and power been more important than helping and undoing the damages done.

Then there's the recent story about 300 million for First nations housing yet out of that money only 99 houses where built. Not exactly a great success, considering how these houses are in dire need...one would think they would have hustle their asses a bit faster.
None of this is of any surprise to any of us, we have been there for the past 500 years.
The other problem is First Nations, leaders and people have become so dependent, the policy of the past so successful, that they talk and promise but nothing is ever done...
The only thing we can really do is start behaving in an independent fashion if we are to survive and thrive. We tried to work with them and it got us in deeper sh*t than before...

We have to look at what worked in the past, Chiefs, Council of Elders, Clan Mothers, Warriors as a role model to the young, basic tradition, make those work with the present, so we, especially our children, can have a future...We should not be afraid of the past, it was more respectful of life and nature than what the european's history books implies.
The poor, the single mothers, those who did not have a Warrior to provide for them were cared for, "no one was thrown out into the rain", as some movies implies, we had respect for others way of life and spirituality, "we did not go around burning priest", because it was against our beliefs, we had cities and capitols, health care and architecture rivaling any other race, so on...

They know they owe us big time because of what they've done and are responsible for, that's why their policies are still alive and well in their mindset, (whether it's shame or greed, that's something "they" have to figure out for themselves), sure we need the housing but throwing money is not the only thing we need or want.
What we really need is to separate ourselves from them in some way and become more dependent on who we are, to have faith in our way of looking at things, because we do things differently and assimilation has proven to be disastrous...especially for the young.
We don't want or do this for ourselves, but for our children's future.

So, will the chief justice's words change anything? Don't hold your breath.
We thank her for her honesty, but unless we do it for ourselves and stop been dependent on those who caused the problem in the first place, nothing will change anytime soon.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

British MP;Feminism To Blame For Family Collapse

Feminism has played a part in the breakdown of the family which has led to serious social problems, Labour MP Diane Abbott says.
Labour's public health spokesman Diane Abbott, a divorced mother-of-one, warned that some major social problems "stem from family breakdown".

The feminist MP's declaration is controversial because it appears to reflect the views of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

It could also herald a new political battle as the Tories and Labor vie to show how they will support traditional families.
Read whole story...
This is not something we don't already know, one just has to read the quotes coming from those harpies. 
 "Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution. Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage. Sheila Cronin, the leader of the feminist organization NOW

Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice. Andrea Dworkin"

What's interesting is the fact that it is just now been addressed, a little late, since they knew this was going on for a very long time.
Thing is, politically, they now accept that feminism has become a danger to the stability of western nations.
Nations who do not recognize feminism as a viable organization are rising, economically and militarily, while the west is falling...Feminism is not the whole problem, but it is a big part of the west's demise, greed been the other, as we at TNC have said repeatedly, traditional family is the backbone of a stable nation, Those who fail to understand this are doomed to fall...

Friday, May 29, 2015

Mother abuses 9 y old daughter because she looked like her dad.

 Emaciated girl, five, discovered weighing just 19 pounds after 'mother forced her to live in closet as she looked like father
A five-year-old girl was found weighing just 19lbs - half the average weight for her age - after her mother allegedly forced her to live in a closet because she looked too much like her father.
Asusena Marie Gonzales has  been charged with child abuse and neglect after allegedly starving and beating her daughter at their home in Oklahoma City.
The little girl was severely malnourished. The bones in her joints were visible, her arms and legs were painfully thin and she was covered in marks from being beaten with a cord, police said.
Social workers said the 31year-old's other five children appeared healthy, but Gonzales allegedly targeted the little girl because she looked the most like her father, and the couple had fallen out.
She allegedly locked her daughter in the closet and gave her just a cup in which to urinate and defecate.
Gonzales is also accused of withholding food from her daughter, so her weight fell to just 19lbs, The Oklahoman reported.
Social workers found the little girl on Monday, and immediately called police.

One officer said: 'When I spoke with her, she did not focus on my face and uttered words I could not comprehend.'
Her thighs were covered in marks which suggested she had been beaten with a cord, and she had a couple of small cuts on her arm which still had dried blood in them.

Police said the closet smelled of urine and faeces, but the rest of her children seemed healthy and well-fed.
Gonzales allegedly told police she hadn't taken the girl to the doctors since she was four-years-old. She was born prematurely, weighing just 4lbs.
Officers took the little girl to hospital for treatment. The other children were taken into protective custody by the state's Department of Human Services.
Gonzales was also wanted on seven charges including disorderly conduct and failure to show insurance.
She was charged on Monday and released on $20,000 bail. 
 Any kind of violence especially against kids is not a gender issue and never should be, but according to feminists who do not acknowledge some women can be as violent if not more than men, then this will happen again and again...
I hope this baby knows nothing but happiness and peace from this day on....
If we do not look after our kids, protect them at all cost, give them the life they deserve above everyone else, what does that say of us?

The more feminist ignore this destructive behavior towards kids because it's performed by bad women, they will be seen as nothing more than a hate club.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Steve Shives, Grand pooba of manginas, caught red handed.

From his video...
Here is the real picture.
By the way, steve, why do you keep on referring to mra's hating women???
I believe the mra movement have made it abundantly clear they do not like feminists (And their mangina supporters) mainly because of the ridiculous man-hating statements they are known for...
Strange you don't mentioned this and also this is the reason why so many women are disgusted by feminism since they have sons, husbands, fathers, brothers who are not what the feminist link claim...
and taking into account they have wives, daughters, mothers, female friends, your claim is a little ridiculous isn't it?

Then again, how can anything you say be taken seriously when your caught red handed b*llshitting on youtube...

Now steve, yes there is threats to feminists and their manginas, and feminists do it to mra, but your talking points are such as if everyone is threatening each other, not so.
Most have debates, some lively but it is usually accompanied by reasonable points of arguments, not everyone threatens each other, and to make a video claiming all mra's make threats, is again not realistic since you do not point out those coming from feminists...
TNC is family oriented and we have had our own colorful response in our email...
Don't see us making false pictures about it do you...

Steve, you want to be taken seriously, be honest, put links about what you bring up, and for God's sakes, don't fake pictures, you will get caught and exposed...and as we said, you won't be taken seriously.
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Another strange false accusation of assault in the Ottawa On. area.

 Woman's allegation of bizarre running trail assault 'unfounded,' police say
Police say there is “no threat on the trails” and have dropped their investigation into a woman’s “unfounded” claims of a bizarre and highly publicized alleged assault on the running trails of Sheila McKee Park in the city’s west end.
The woman claimed to police and in TV news interviews that she had been attacked while jogging on running trails by an alleged assailant who knocked her unconscious, then used her cellphone to take pictures of her injuries which he sent to people in her contact list.
Police said multiple details reported by the woman couldn’t be substantiated and West District detectives have closed their investigation.
“There is no threat on the trails,” said police spokesman Const. Chuck Benoit.
On May 15,  police made an appeal to the public, complete with a suspect description, to help identify the person they were told was responsible for the attack, one day after the woman appeared on CTV Ottawa news about the incident. Her identity was concealed in the report.
Police said at the time that the woman had been running the trails in the Dunrobin-area park for about 25 minutes when she heard a man yelling at her. She was then hit in the back of the head. The woman claimed she had been hit repeatedly in the face before passing out.
She then told police she awoke to the sound of her own cellphone ringing and found that the man she claimed had attacked her had taken pictures of her injuries and sent them to her phone contacts before fleeing.
One of those friends had called police, police initially were led to believe. Police say they received the report of the assault from the woman before she went to CTV Ottawa with her story.
The woman will not be charged, police said.

Best comment...
If the woman faked it, then why isn't she at the very least being charged with making a false police report? This sort of shenanigan causes problems for people to be believed when they report real crimes. 


Another question is; 
Where are all those feminists in the Ottawa area who would have stormed on this story with their "men all rapists" rhetoric if this would have been shown to be true???
Why aren't they exposing this as a major problem which demeans the real victim???
This is why we do not take them seriously anymore, they obviously condone false accusations with their silence.
As long as they do not take on this problem, which "they" created, this will go on and real victims will suffer.

The lost of the Black American woman's femininity is a lost to life's balance.

It's feminism that has devalued the feminine woman and her role in society. Feminism is one of the biggest causes of the erasure of our traditional values. A woman going against her nature or embracing female masculinity is uplifted by feminists and often highlighted in the media. In the fight to dismantle patriarchy, it is feminists that have declared the masculine role to be of more value while shunning femininity and uplifting masculinity, and competing with men to be in the dominant position. This has thrown off balance in relationships and families. Since feminists are failing at competing with male masculinity they try to find ways to emasculate men through shaming, belittling, etc. Remember it's hard to "out-do" the original, instead try MASTERING your natural being. -Virtuous woman

Woman Realizes She’s Been Verbally Abusing Her Husband Without Even Knowing It
 How does it benefit me to constantly belittle my husband? The man that I’ve taken as my partner in life. The father of my children. The guy I want to have by my side as I grow old. Why do I do what women are so often accused of, and try to change the way he does every little thing? Do I feel like I’m accomplishing something?

 The bottom line in all this is that I chose this man as my partner. He’s not my servant. He’s not my employee. He’s not my child. I didn’t think he was stupid when I married him – otherwise I wouldn’t have. He doesn’t need to be reprimanded by me because I don’t like the way he does some things.

 Me and my friends where having a conversation on where to take this web page next, do we continue to expose what the problems are, inside our families or do we try to go further.
The conversation went on to, how feminism and those who support them are hell bent on dividing everything that the past gave us, how they seem to attack anything that was given to us, what they seem to forget is, everything that exists in our live comes from our ancestors who lived before us, namely our grandparent, or as he said our Elders.
If you think about it, it's them they are insulting, and if we don't have the old ones to listen to, which no one seems to do lately, then who do people turn to? Feminist? Maybe the elite?

Useless Division used by the feminist is not something new or the only group that does it.
They are a tool in a greater purpose, they're just to stupid to see it.
Either as a problem between man and woman, in the family home or as a greater policy, this division seem to be an ongoing process of those who consider themselves better than anyone else.
We fight with each other while they take what's not theirs to begin with.

Though there is major political problems in African society, brought on by corruption, people as a whole still favor the unity of the traditional family and the continent is ours.
We don't have the same problems of the North American Indian who lives confined to a reservation on his own land.
Or do we?
He pointed out that maybe it doesn't exist in Africa, but if you look closer, it does exist in other parts of the world, the word might be different but the policy of grouping those who are different is still alive and well.
They call theirs reserves, we call ours ghettos.
Right there I realized that he was right and never saw it that way.
From this division policy we can see smaller organizations who are hell bent on destroying what the Old ones gave us, planned parenthood with its beginnings in racism, and firmly entrenched in Black American neighborhoods, feminism controlled by radical lesbians, the attacks on our men and God forbid if your a homemaker.
 Many see all of this as an attack on men only, not true, if you look closely, they will dirty the word feminine just as much as the word man.

If you love been under the wing of your man, if you love been provided by him, if you love him for his manly character, his strengths, and if you give him credit for all this, your a slave, according to them.
Remember sisters, this alsoworks the other ways, been feminine doesn't make you a slave, it gives you the balanced strength a family needs. A man is more attracted, more loving, a better provider if he is recognized for what he is, and if he sees his opposite, a feminine woman with her own gifts.
Both have something to give to each other, that is the unity and power of nature, all have their own opposite that offers balance, a flower, an insect, an animal, life is an opposite, and that is what brings out the beauty of a good life.

In closing, you want to be a feminist or call yourself one, go ahead, you will develop an anger that will follow you for life, because you listened to the wrong people.
Close your eyes to what they really represent.
Do we really need to study how to be be women? or who men are? or do we already know as women that our natural instincts gives us all we need, and that we are not nor ever will be slaves to men, and certainly not slaves to feminist hate doctrine.To hate one group always invites hate of another, it's a domino effect.

I like my man to be a man, he likes his woman to be a woman, he is not my property, I am not his, our kids under these simple rules live a happy life, we don't need to be told by those who are ALONE, without a good man, who and what we are, we trust our instincts and, as my friend always refers to, been part of the circle of life, just like everything this natural world has created, balance is part of a happy life.

Posted by Nubian Queen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feminists threaten to behead Paul Joseph Watson over #HowtoSpotaFeminist

Simple enough, feminists describe themselves.

Are they usually fat & ugly, always inherently unlikeable, supremely hypocritical, snarky, annoying, deluded, intransigent?
If you believe they are, you're normal, after all they do put out there who and what they are using their own mouth, character and expression...
I mean, it's not any of us who put these words out there..you don't see us describing women they way they describe men.
erin lee
Take us for instance, we didn't just wake up one morning, after a coffee and say" F*uck it, we hate feminists(and their manginas)".
TNC believes and promotes;
Everyone has the right to exist and express themselves freely, and express themselves they did.
It is their actions that dictates what we think of them, they are to stupid to see for themselves that how present themselves is the perception people have. How can anyone have respect for someone who has nothing but hate and disdain for the men around them, and yes even the manginas that sides with them who believe they are oppressors of their own daughters, mothers, wives so on.
You know, the inferior male who has, just like the feminist an inferiority complex against other males.

Men, (and that's "real men") understand full well who protects their right to crap out the sh*t they do (pardon my french), if it wasn't for us, there would be no right to speak ones own thoughts, free speech, on and on and on...Does it make us better, of course not, but we do understand that if it wasn't for us...
There would be no...

So, do we hate feminists and their manginas, no not really, actually we pity them; to live life with such hate and an inferiority complex, instead of enjoying life and making things better is one hell of a way to live, and the way they behave, frustration must be a daily occurrence for them, poor things.

Sarcasm aside;
They continue with their hate, express themselves openly on what they think of men and women who love them, it is their own words which brings them to the place they are, not the rest of us.
And if anyone dares to tell it like it is, then he "or she" is threatened; freedom of expression, freedom to criticize is not for the chosen few, otherwise we would be living in a totalitarian regime, they are not allowed to throw the crap they do out there and have no one respond to the false accusations they are so well known for, opposition to such b*llsh*t is a necessary thing, otherwise, we will be so weakened, not by outside enemies, but those inside, that our society will never have a chance to evolve.
Again, if it wasn't for men....

and present...
ISIS slaughters 400 mostly women and children in ancient Syria city of Palmyra where hundreds of bodies line the street

You have the perfect right to be who you want to be,

but for God's sakes, give credit where credit is due...

Unless you really believe your freedoms depend solely on the local feminist and her mangina?...

As for #HeForShe...(which has always been there by the way)
How can you have #heforshe,
Alongside #KillAllMen?
Doesn't life's balance dictate if there is to be a he for she, shouldn't there be a she for he?
And they wonder why we oppose everything they stand for.....

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fathers day and the African American family

 Originally posted on BWAF
Fathers Day the Unisexulization of Gender Confusion:The Destruction of the Black Male Image
No one is denying the fact being a single Mother is a difficult and enduring Job. Now if you had sex with a Man, and he abandoned you and your child, it does not mean by some form of Miracle You BECAME A MAN! You Cannot BE a Mother and a Father at the same time, in the same Body. Stop allowing Lesbian Feminist Hallmark Propaganda Fool you into Gender Confusion. You are a Mother, embrace Your Motherhood as it is the Highest Honor for a Woman, and Allow the Man to be a Man and Embrace his Fatherhood. If he isn't there, and does not care for his Seed, then it is a Void, let your child thank his Grandfather, his Uncles etc...But DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE A MAN. THIS GENDER CONFUSION NEEDS TO STOP. No Single Father says on Mothers Day, well I'm the Mother and Father at the Same time unless he is a Homosexual!

Responsibility towards one's child is teaching them about the truths of this world, like MAMA AFRIKA say's, don't let those who want to destroy the role of the man based on their own hate dictate what reality is...
It takes two to make a child, and if there is abandonment by the father, then it's a choice that man made, not the choice of all men around us.
Been a mother is a blessing, it has it's own rewards and been a father is another, if a woman tries to be a man or vice versa, then we take away the natural laws of life and throw into this messed up world another child with unreal perception of his or her surroundings , we continue the confusion.
There is always a man around who will take up the slack in a child's life, find him, and give that child a chance to confront the future with what's real, not the confused world of the lesbian feminists who is destroying the concept of reality.
Anytime they describe men it always goes with dead beat dad or whatever, when did you ever heard these feminists give credit to the Black family man who takes care of his woman and his children?
After all, isn't there more of them than those who abandon their family?
That alone shows their true nature and why so many of them are lesbians, they just don't like men.

Mothers day, fathers day are independent of each other and for a good reason, one cant be the other, if dad is not around, find grandpa, uncle, older brother, make sure the child goes through life understanding the place and responsibility and what is expected of them as they grow up, a lesson learned the right way, will go a long way to make Black American kids grow to be themselves instead of trying to find it on the streets.
If dad isn't there, doesn't mean men are not....it simply means one person is missing in the picture.
To make our surrounding according to one person's bad decision is what's destroying our families.

Posted by Nubian Queen

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday's funnies...

OK, then...
Some people just have that moment,
When they should seriously think about changing their hair colour...

As for this one....
If this is a real show...
If not, still funny.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Never forget what is important in life.

The few, the greedy say; 
"Those who have the most gold wins"
I say;
"Those who understand the true meaning of life,
Who is important above all,
Has a reserved place in the Spirit World,
Where friends and family await your coming,
Around the Great Circle."
Be aware of why you are here, who depends on you and never listen to those who divert away from the nature of your being. 
There is only one person in existence like you, follow the laws of nature, they are there for a reason, they guide you to where you truly belong.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Feminist teacher, feminism, the main danger to the evolution of western society.

Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys' falling grades, study finds
Has the Sexual Revolution, and the feminist ideology that drives it, pushed men out of universities by undermining boys in school as early as kindergarten? Some writers are beginning to connect the dots between the shift over the last few decades in educational practices from fact-based grading to evaluation based on “non-cognitive” and “emotional skills” and the drop in school performance of boys.

In the 1970s, feminist critics regularly complained that the school system favored “male thinking.” Facts, dates, rote learning, and math skills that were seen as “too masculine” for girls. In the intervening decades, feminists have made huge strides throughout the Western world, and education – particularly in the training of teachers – has been transformed as a result.

That most government policy makers and academics accept this as an unqualified success has left bewilderment as to how the new, more “fair” teaching styles have resulted in poor outcomes for boys and ultimately for the men they must become.

A five-year research project, funded by the Departments of Education and Justice in Northern Ireland, has just been released that found “systemic flaws” in the way students are evaluated that leave boys disadvantaged. Boys from poor neighborhoods in Belfast and other cities are especially vulnerable to learning underachievement and health problems.

There are many instances that dictates men as a whole are the strength and stability behind any society, doesn't mean women must follow, it simply means that in order for stability to evolve and continue to get better, there are some things that must be recognized as male dominated in order for women,children and the Elderly to have a good, peaceful and productive life...

We can't see an army with a majority of women, we can't see them building bridges, skyscrapers, coal mining, oil rig workers, the reason been, strength and sacrifice is a necessity to work in those field...Also, doesn't mean women can't work at these jobs, some do, but not as a whole...These are all fields that feminists depend on if they want to continue to exist and be free to spew out what their twisted ideology of hate demands. Ironic isn't it...

What all this points to is, if feminists did not have a hate-on for the male species as a guiding force, especially in schools, they would realize, the more they advance this instability, the more they are their own worse enemy.

An uneducated male population produces many instability in any society, no matter how safe they think they are, it is a barrel of powder just waiting to explode. No economy can survive or stay stable without the sacrifices men do, to advance life, and to provide for their families.

Men have daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, and I dare anyone of these man-haters to show where there is a majority of men who want them to be sub-serviant to someone else, we all want them to be who they want to be, and we protect that right with our lives. So you see, feminism is not about reality but negative thoughts and ideals based on a destructive policy of hate. We can't convince them otherwise because they are like a horse with blinders on, they see nothing but what they want, without looking around for what else could make things better...
The other problem with an uneducated male population is revolution and an unstable nation, financial collapse, which we see the beginnings in all countries of the western world, and especially the destruction of the traditional family, which is and always been the backbone of any nation...

Like I said, it's not that men are better, but they have to be recognized for who they are, the most important part of a stable nation, family, the strength of society and the defenders of freedom...
Add the women at their side, not in front or behind and life gets a heck of a lot better, we do together what the circle demands of us, balance been to most important issue.
Feminism and her weak mangina who gives up his responsibilities to ensure said balance; are the most destructive force the west has ever encountered and they are using schools to advance this failed ideal...
The west is been destroyed not by outside forces, though they are waiting in the wings, but from the inside out, why would any of us defend with our lives idiots who claim all men achieve power through rape? As my hags in lanark county Ontario seems to advance and believe (which we have posted many times), this is not a few who thinks this way but most of them... And if by chance those who do not subscribe to this hatred, yet say nothing to counter it, they are as guilty as if they would write it themselves, since most men are raised by their...mothers, while dad is at work...
According to feminism, they raise rapist?????
Where is the balance? 
One cannot survive without the other and women better wake up to this hateful message, because all of our freedoms and safety of our families depend on our co-operation with each other, educating the young with this balance is where it all starts..............or ends...

We at TNC do not want to demonize anyone, we promote balance, the way the Elders thought us, we know that this kind of talk produces major screeching amongst some, but if we do not recognize our importance to each other...
Thing will get worse, not better.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Posters Go Up Around Columbia Calling Mattress Rape Protester A "Pretty Little Liar"

Early this morning, an anonymous person or persons put up posters around Columbia University—in the 116th Street subway station, outside of Tom's Restaurant, on stoplights and construction walls—emblazoned with the image of student Emma Sulkowicz and her now-iconic mattress. Since September 2014, Sulkowicz has been dragging the mattress around campus as a protest against the school's handling of her rape allegations against another student. (That student, Paul Nungesser, has since sued the university.) This morning's posters accuse Sulkowicz of making it all up, dismissing her as "Pretty Little Liar" with the caption "Emma Sulkowitz" [sic] and "RapeHoax."
Story here.

It's about time people start holding these false accusers to account.
Large poster exposing liars is not a bad idea....

Note for your protection; (because we care about you)
Do not tell a feminist she looks good, that is considered sexual harassment.

The Womyn(feminist) Song....

We put one about "the man(gina)song"  a while back, so in order to promote equality, it's only right we do the other side of the equation.

Everybody relax, we are not picking on all women...just feminists...lol

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When feminists attack....WOMEN.

Feminism and the freedom and respect to think for ones self just doesn't fit together...
The troubling pattern is, by listening to these ol'hags, man-haters with an inferiority complex, the more freedom of expression is repressed....
Sure freedom of speech is an integral part of the evolution of humanity into the possibilities of what things should become but if we do not recognize those who are a danger to it, what does that make us???

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sisters, don't let the system tell you who you are.

It's easy to become the conquered, programmed woman strategized by the system. It's easy to go along with the trends of slut culture and man devaluation. It's easy to pretend that nothing is wrong and continue the cycle of dysfunction. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it,"...well our community is definitely broken and the "fixing" won't happen overnight. In order to counter this erroneous culture flooded with feminism, we're going to have to swim against the flow to eradicate it.
It takes a little more work to make that change and become that change. It's takes a little more thought to rise above what has become the norm and to restore the values that were once there. Great progress don't always come simple but if we want to get out of this state of turmoil, it has to be done and we have start by raising our standards higher for us and our people. We have to pass on our consciousness to our Sisters and offspring. It starts with US; the first teachers.
-Virtuous woman
"Women can deal a powerful blow to the system by refusing to compromise themselves with MALES and by dealing only with MEN." -Michael Porter, educational therapist & author of 'The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Women.'
"No nation can rise higher than its woman." -Martin Delany, abolitionist, considered the grandfather of Black nationalism
Posted on BWAF

Underestimating the power, true power, women have and always held walking with men instead of against them as feminism wants us to do is what's making thing so difficult.
Once we realize this and take action to reclaim what is and always has been ours, then we can show the world the best way to live in peace, have respectful offspring who are productive and live with love inside our families without the destructive nature of those who only want one thing, to destroy.

Posted by Nubian Queen.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Decadence; the decline and inevitable death of the western world

If we take a look at history, civilizations never decliner gracefully, and the west is no exception...
Feminism, porn, abortions, redefinition of life itself, (clump of cells describing pre-born babies), disrespect for the Elders, end of marriage and loyalty, greed, even the re-definition of democracy to accommodate micro-minorities and immoral behavior, which goes after the young, instead of teaching them responsibilities.
And this is just one group, we still have the rich, the elitists, business, politics, and secret organizations bent on taking as much as possible for themselves at the expense of people.

We can go deeper into this fall of civilization simply by looking at how the young and the old are treated. 
The young are passed around as a tool, the social programs which was for helping, is now targeting them to advance their self-worth, financial well-being and personal power. 
They are identified as unruly if they show the slightest active fun type behavior, given pills to control them, long term this is not going to end well, since we will depend on them when we all get old.
They are made to sit at home, playing xbox, forget about playing outside, street hockey or stick ball is now too dangerous, made illegal usually because it upsets the neighborhood spinster.

Heck they even have pot dispensers in B.C. I have no problem with legalizing it, but not in the way they are doing it now...To a kids, whether pot, ecstasy, meth, cocaine, it all has the same definition, "drugs". Without the proper controls and explanation that drugs are potentially life altering, what's the difference between them? Those who are promoting it, selling it, and benefiting from it, are selling this product just like the cigarette industry did...openly, on the streets, on tv, as if it's liberating. And the main reason for this? Profits.

How about the Elderly? Or the sick? Slowly they are offering suicides and euthanasia. Oh they are explaining it as humane, but the real reason it is been slowly put into our consciousness is...the cost.
Health care cost too much and if they could save more imagine what they could do with all that money.....They will be able to give themselves an even higher bonus (in the millions) and those whom we elect will also be able to give themselves raises, claiming they are worth it...ever had a job where you can give yourself a raise????
Remember when they (governments) use to build schools, hospitals, bridges, so on, with no deficit whatsoever? their reason to legalize drugs is to have more money, what the hell did they do with what we gave them in taxes? We didn't even have income taxes before 1917 and this was to pay for the great war. How did they manage back then?

Some would say, the past shows it takes hundreds of years for a civilization to fall, yes that's true, but they did not have the technology we do today and the information that can be accessed through the Internet, that alone will will bring it about even faster. Ever seen how fast a demonstration can pill up simply by putting it on twitter? Try to cut accessibility to welfare, if your able to work, you can't be on it for more than a year, (for example), see how fast the streets are full of those who they have trained to be dependent on governments.

And other will say, but the west has always treated others with disdain, killing and murdering to build empires, (just ask an Indian). Yes that also is true, but...
They tried their best to make sure their own back yard was healthy and productive, they knew they would not survive if they did it to their own people. Look at them now, they treat their own as garbage to be used as they well pleased, that's the difference.
Many empires fell because of this, sacrifices and total disrespect for their own population.
But the main reason was decadence, greed and immoral behavior. (sound familiar)

There are many other example we can talk about on why the west is on it's way out, wars, racism, sexism, the disrespect of life, hate. The elitist is living in the past, still believing they are in total control, they can't seem to understand they lost that control when the web came about, we now know what they do, what they take, who they abuse, so on...

Ironically, countries like china, north korea, so on, do not have a corrupt youth, or should we say an immoral youth thought to disrespect the natural way of things, and that is what's so scary, we could use our technology to make things better, to advance self respect and responsibilities, to look after our Elder and our sick, but instead, they(elitist) sit on their fat asses and try to find ways to take even more from the rest of us....
Nothing will change until it's to late, that is what greed does, one only has to look at the news, if we can still call it that, to see that it is to f*cking late to do anything....
So be it, hopefully the next civilization can learn from our mistakes, and that is, to be a sheep is to die like a sheep.

To write about all and everything that is wrong would take to long, it is up to people to research, look around and figure out for one's self, how to make things better, the reason we are here is to make things better for the next generation, in this responsibility...many have failed.
I recently realised that corruption is far deeper than I thought, that is the result in...simply looking...
The more you research the more one finds out how bad it is.
I am not that pessimistic about the future, as always and as history shows, they push until people get sick of it, and then people push back.
The question is...what will be left?

And that is my rant for the day...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hate, racism, sexism, divisions, the world this generation created.

Bahar Mustafa should be removed from Goldsmiths University in all aspects with police interaction and degree revocation.
Racism and divisions seems to be making a really ugly comeback lately. Whether in the west or Africa, especially the middle east, religious, tribal, what next, if you piss the wrong way???
Oh wait, Sweden is trying to make men sit down to go tinkle...lol.
This crazy b*tch up there claims she can't be a racist or sexist since she's a minority herself...
Really???? Where the f*ck did she learn that argument????
One things for sure, you want to advance equality, you don't go around demonizing the majority, if anything she is making things worse....
Feminists have realize picking on men to achieve more power has had one hell of a backlash, even women are running away from those nutty ol'hags.

How did we get so far, or should I say reversed, for someone so fuck*d up to think this is defending minorities?
We look at the world right now, and we see hate everywhere, some of it even promoted by governments. It seems to me no one has realized or have they, that this can easily end up badly. Someone down the line is fanning the flames of hate to such a degree that a major war (which will be the last one for humanity since it won't survive it) would be easy to start and very hard to stop...that's what hate does. We have seen this in the past, whether it's down the line with people such as this crazy nut, and elevated by unscrupulous politicians and war industry magnates...
In North America it was called manifest destiny....."Damn savages, it's a good thing we (the European) came here, they would have all killed themselves". That's according to established history books, but ever asked a first nation person what the truth is???
I always asked myself; How can one discover new land, if someone already lives on it???
If I cross the Atlantic, land in england, under the same rules they lived by, wouldn't it give me the right to plant a Native flag and claim this new discovered land for our own???
Is anyone else seeing the pattern here, what they did in the past is repeating itself?
Different lands, same policy???

Of course, what exists today would not have come to pass, if it wasn't for hate and racism....

Hate has to start somewhere and your looking at it up there, these "people" can also be used as a tool, to advance an even more sinister political agenda.

We live in a world, created by the few, where if your a Muslim,(for example), the first thing that comes with that word on the main stream media is terrorists.
I'm all for defending our specific way of life, I have done it myself, but not imposing it on others in order to advance it. We see the results, isis, al nusra, al qaida, and many more to come, it's not that the people fighting for these organizations believe in their politics, most of them just have no choice. 
After all, wouldn't we do the same if someone was bombing the crap out of us?
I would like to say "if we don't take a step back things will explode" but I do believe....
It's to late....It will take generations to undo what this one has done...
We are made to believe, countries like Russia and Iran are evil, with their democratically elected governments, (ok, maybe not the same as our system but there are election with opposition), yet we ally ourselves with dictatorships like the saudis and gulf states....

The west is powerful enough to say, "you attack me, I'll destroy you", like I said I'm all for defending our way of life, but if we continue on this "we can do whatever we want" attitude towards those of different views, we might find that the hate we created, however primitive they are, can destroy an empire....
Just ask the Romans, when they were conquered by a primitive tribe...the Goths....
Doesn't matter how powerful one is, primitive hate can be our downfall.... because it is nurtured through generations and continues with no end to it....
Hate racism sexism or whatever starts with a word from those in power, a word here another there and then we see the crazies like this dumb dumb above come out of the wood works...
The danger is, just sitting there and not saying anything about it because after all, it's just one person...
Then again, we must ask..."who else is listening to these nuts"...

Take a look at recent events, Boston bombing, the accused pleads not guilty but his lawyer....
 Despite Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pleading not guilty to the 30 counts (17 carrying the death penalty) he was charged within a week after the April 15th bombings last year, his lead defense attorney Judy Clark several days ago conceded to the jury that her client was guilty in her closing argument.
 Excuse me if we never hire that lawyer.
Then here in Canada, Omar Kadr, we spend millions re-educating child soldiers in Africa, but when we have one of our own, well...the government does all in it's power to make sure we see him as a dangerous terrorist...this guy was 15 years old, put in a war scenario by his own father. But all in all, fear can get one votes I guess...
We are not defending them, what they did was terrible, but if we adjust our system away from what we are suppose to promote, then who the hell would want to be like us if we can't even defend what we teach or live by...
The point is, Muslims equals terrorists, a tool to install fear in the population to be used politically. They are not all terrorists, but for reason of power and control, let's identify all as such???
Such is the world we live in, and it all starts with, ends up with, small people like the one up there, making hate, racism, sexism, a normal thing to be thought in schools.. 

Don`t get me wrong, we live in a free society, well as free as "they" allow....
If one wants to follow the drum and band, all the power to them.
As for me....

It's no longer my world....

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Suffering, unstable abortion patients kicked to the curb by abortion facilities..

 “It appeared that this woman should have still been in the recovery room, because she was having a hard time keeping her balance and she appeared to be in pain,”
“It is obvious the clinic staff just wanted her out of the office so they could go home. There’s really no other reason why she wasn’t allowed to wait for her ride in the clinic, rather than out on a street curb. This is the kind of callous treatment women get not only at South Wind, but at abortion facilities around the country,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It really is despicable.”
Patient care standards require woman to be in stable condition before being discharged. In addition, it is a violation of the accepted standard of care for an abortionist to leave the clinic before the last patient is discharged.
This irresponsible practice creates a hazardous situation for abortion patients who may suffer complications that manifest during the recovery period.
Read full story here...
This show clearly, it is never about the health of women, but to promote an ideal and financial gains...
As feminism ever been about the rights of anyone, can we even give them credit for anything?
The rights of anyone is basically fought for by men and women, without this co-operation, nothing ever changes. The very idea that in the past, fathers wanted their daughter to be nothing more than property is laughable. If anything we all want what is best for them.
Feminism has it's beginning in racism, (just search feminism and racism) whether one was First Nation, Asian or Black, the main leadership was and has always been privileged white women. They take this cult as their own little hate-on for men, and their idea that they should be men instead of the natural balance of men and women.
I recently tested the waters here in Lanark county, to see if I was wrong, and sure enough, they(local feminists) showed and re-inforced my definition of these hags as nothing more than confused, low-self esteem creatures who suffer from an inferiority complex towards men and refuse to admit, as women they have their own worth if they only would recognize it.
There is absolutly nothing that cult has ever touched which ended in the right direction, they demeen life itself, use anyone and everyone to benefit themselves financially and use it well to attack anyone, bare none, to advance this twisted world of theirs...
As the story above clearly shows, when they are done with women, they simply throw them out unto the curve without a care in the world. Abortion is not a simple procedure, once done everything is fine as they try so hard to convince us of...This procedure demand continuation, especially the emotional well-being of the woman who went through it.
The majority of women who go through abortions sometimes go through years of regret, and have medical problems which last years. Yet these ol'hags put statistics ahead of the welfare of women, it is more important for them to claim how many crossed their door than to offer real help.

A young girls recently had an abortion, local hags did not explained anything about what was to come after, the emotional and medical problems.
It was one of the saddest moments we have ever experienced, extreme lost of weight, Anaemia (lack of iron), stress and depression was present to this young lady. Her very life was in danger and after the procedure, the feminists of lanark county ontario simply threw her to the curve, no explanation, no return visit, no compassion. It took "a man" to explain what was going on, a male doctor to care for her and diagnose the real problem and the finances of a father to make sure his daughter did not go further into depression...
Such is the reality of lanark county feminism, ol'hags who use young girls to advance their statistics in order to gain financially and increase their twisted self-worth and funding...under those circumstances you can understand why we keep on pointing out the corruption of this cult.

Also, we have been attacked, demonized, and accused of some of the most ridiculous if not comedic accusations, by the local women's shelter, the local legal clinic and every feminist in between, trying to shut this site down, it is thanks to the honesty of people around us that we where able to counter this stupidity. Dare to criticize this "cult' and your in for a hell of a time....make sure you have a strong will and character.

As human beings, we can do better than this, to give unlimited power to these people who claim to represent women yet use them for their own benefit has produced a dangerous situation in our society. They refuse to admit their idea of equality has put in danger countless women, demonized men for simply been males, and created a generation so confused about morality that if we do survive as a society, it will be a miracle.

In closing;
We all have an opinion about abortions, the point is, this is not a simple procedure then all is fine as feminists seem to claim. Whether you recognize it as an equal right or lack thereof for the unborn is not the reason for this post, we have made our point of view on this very clear.
It is about the uncaring attitude of those who promote it as a normal thing, they refuse to talk about what comes after, the hardship, the misery, the health problems not to mention the emotional strain they have caused on so many.
Feminism as an organization has become an industry, it provides a living for the corrupt few who use it to benefit themselves, all at the expense of women and children. We see they do not care about what comes after an abortion, and that shows how dark their character really is.

Personal thoughts;
Last time I checked, it takes 2 to tango, that said, is abortion the realm of women only?
It takes 2 to make a child, takes 2 to raise a child, takes 2 to provide and nurture a child, so why is it, when a woman talks about an abortion, it's her decision only?
Like we said, it's not about been pro or against, but after the fact.
Nature made us different for a reason, we need each other for everything, the reason so many women go through such hardships after, is because someone down the line told them that they don't need the other half of the act...
If man is against it, talk, and reason why, do not impose yourself....if you agree, make sure you are there for what comes after, because as much as we need them, they also need us...for everything.
It is pretty obvious that something is missing with the feminist equation that men have no right to discuss the issue.
If it takes 2 to make a child, then the decision to have an abortion should also involve two...
Maybe this way, there would be less of them and less pain for our women.

TNC does not promote abortion, this site is pro-life....
We do not "impose" ourselves on others, just offer an opinion.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The childish behaviour of western leaders towards Russia.

Russia celebrated the Allied victory over Nazism on Saturday without U.S. President Obama and other Western leaders present, as they demean the extraordinary sacrifice of the Russian people in winning World War II – a gesture intended to humiliate President Putin, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern.
Obama’s decision to join other Western leaders in snubbing Russia’s weekend celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe looks more like pouting than statesmanship, especially in the context of the U.S. mainstream media’s recent anti-historical effort to downplay Russia’s crucial role in defeating Nazism.
Though designed to isolate Russia because it had the audacity to object to the Western-engineered coup d’├ętat in Ukraine on Feb. 22, 2014, this snub of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin – like the economic sanctions against Russia – is likely to backfire on the U.S. and its European allies by strengthening ties between Russia and the emerging Asian giants of China and India.
Notably, the dignitaries who will show up at this important commemoration include the presidents of China and India, representing a huge chunk of humanity, who came to show respect for the time seven decades ago when the inhumanity of the Nazi regime was defeated – largely by Russia’s stanching the advance of Hitler’s armies, at a cost of 20 to 30 million lives.
Obama’s boycott is part of a crass attempt to belittle Russia and to cram history itself into an anti-Putin, anti-Russian alternative narrative. It is difficult to see how Obama and his friends could have come up with a pettier and more gratuitous insult to the Russian people.
Read full story here.

The west is well known for re-writing history, as a matter of fact, their main policy has always been, "he who wins writes it" it's own way.
First Nation have experienced these policies for many centuries. If one looks at the history books it's full of, "if it wasn't for us coming here, they would still be cannibals and warring against each other".
Fact is, if First Nations were like what they described, they (europeans) would never have had a foot hold on Turtle Island (aka;americas)
Not many know that there is no translation for the word "WAR" in any of the languages of the people. The closest definition of that word one can find would be "mass murder".
We can see this "manifest destiny" policy clearly alive and well with the west's behavior in the Arab lands, the "our way or else" is killing millions, destroying one country after another, then they sit there, patting themselves on the back for a job well done.
In the well researched book, "stolen continent" it is estimated that between 45 to 90 million people lived in the americas before the white man came...showing that the description of history books that we were all war like is ridiculous.
Just look at who many are left and you see the ongoing nature of western culture at the expense of others, even today.
All this is not siding with Russia or any other nation, but exposing historical fact, if we do recognize reality and truth, then the odds of repeating history is lower, if we don't then they will find some way of justifying an ongoing crime against humanity, against all international laws...
What is ironic is the German chancellor claiming what is happening in Ukraine as been criminal...
I just shook my head when I read that one....

Historical fact is; 75% of Germany's military might was on the Russian front, showing clearly that if it wasn't for the Russian people's sacrifice, would there have even been a Normandy or would it have gone in the direction of dieppe. If it wasn't for Germany's miscalculation, even england would have been saluting him.
Like I said; it's not about taking sides, but recognizing the contribution, away from politics, of the sacrifice of the Russian people...or just been polite about it.
Writing history away from facts does not achieve the ultimate goal of humanity living "with" each other with respect, but keeps us in the same place, for centuries to come...if we survive that long.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

To all the Mother's out there...

Happy Mother's Day...
Today is yours....
All our love and respect from TNC.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lesbian: I use math class to teach young kids about homosexuality so I can ‘hide’ it from parents

A lesbian teacher ‘married’ to another woman revealed at a pro-gay teachers’ conference earlier this month how she teaches grade 4-5 students to accept homosexuality through what she called “social justice” math.
Alicia Gunn, an elementary public school teacher in Mississauga, Ontario, told attendees at the April 10 conference in Toronto’s City Hall that injecting LGBTQ issues into the classroom, especially in math, helps students as young as nine “disrupt the single story that many of our kids have about LGBTQ families.”
“Social justice math happens when students are solving problems using real, engaging, and meaningful numbers. Social justice issues happening in their school, community, or even globally become the context for the math that the students are doing,” she said.
The conference, hosted by the homosexual activist organization Jer’s Vision — now called the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity — focused on the implementation of Bill 13 in Ontario classrooms. Bill 13, called by critics the homosexual bill of rights, passed in June 2012, giving students the right to form pro-gay clubs in their school, including Catholic ones, using the name Gay-Straight Alliance.
When asked by one of the workshop attendees if she first asks parents’ permission before bringing homosexual issues up in class, Gunn responded that she does not, but she makes sure to teach her students about numerous social justice issues so that no parent can accuse her of focusing on homosexuality, which she said she likes to “hide” in her lessons.
“I find if you teach all the ‘isms,’ it kind of backs you,” she said. “If I teach all the isms, and sometimes I can hide it a little bit in the math, and what I mean is I can say, ‘I’m just teaching your kid about division. I’m so sorry that you, you know, feel that way,” she said, causing the room of educators to break into laughter.

LifeSiteNews attended the event and was asked at one point to stop filming, but captured the discussion on a back-up audio recorder.


Read whole story here

Remember, according to this "lesbian" by-passing parents is OK if one wants to indoctrinate kids into her lifestyle...
This is disgusting.
  • This is one SICK woman. NOT because she is gay but because she is spending an extreme amount of time on how to teach these kids about her lifestyle when there is so much more to be taught. Because she is spending time actually teaching these kids WITHOUT parental permission OR without it being part of the curriculum. This is called breach of trust, brainwashing and to me, is sick. She obviously has issues with her own identity and is using the children to gain acceptance. She should be fired. The little girl that kept saying " I'm not gay, but I'm not gay"? Why did this teacher not realize how much she was intimidating that child? CHILD ABUSE
We are all having difficulties with what is been thrown at us from all sides, what people like her don't understand is, she is not trying to change the perception of what society thinks through patience, obviously she has none, but through "imposition", in other words, "you have no choice", and "I will by-pass parents in order to impose my will and way of life on kids"...
This never works, as a matter of fact, people like her are their own worse enemy because it produces a backlash, even hatred, which as history shown can develop into something even worse.
Instead of talking to us, they tell us how to think, and that is the problem...
The main stream media might report that all is rosy,  but who in their right mind would believe what these people even say these days. Whether it's brian william's or hillary clinton's "I'm a hero, love me", false declarations about helicopters to make themselves look better than what they really are, (remember, one of them is even running for president) or their so called accurate polls, netanyahu, cameron, even here in Canada, where so one sided against them one wonder what the hell is going on, seems to me that they are trying very hard to guide us in one direction, vote for who they choose, and that is not honest reporting but an example of a failed system.
Anytime propaganda or false reporting is the main policy of a so called independent media, one starts to wonder if anything they say is even true, and when that happens, we are well on our way to a change we might not like.
Even here, in Lanark county Ontario, recently we interviewed a mom, who took her children out of a program run by the local women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario, because someone was telling them that any woman who lives with a man, is abusing her kids....
Or on their site, which we have pointed out so many times, "recognize that all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment". Really???
Not to mention how far they will go, if you happen to defy them...(personal experiences)
They take teen girls, screw with their minds and when they are done, throw them to the wolves(which they did to one of our daughters), they are responsible for the destruction of a life, a future and when it is time for them to fix the damages they have done, they are nowhere to be found or just ignore parents who remind them they caused it.
They have been known to "convince" such underage kids who are a little rebellious, to falsely claim abuse against parents if they(parents) refuse to sign for them to be put on welfare. (we have written deposition about this). Almost makes one wish we where making it up, at least this way there would be a chance this society could survive.
One does not have to be a rocket scientist(and if he wears shirt they don't like well damn be his accomplishment) to figure out there is an open anti male, anti-stay at home mom, anti parent, anti-family, anti-children policy somewhere down the line and these people know perfectly well what they are doing.

Lately we seen this ridiculous commercial the Ontario government has dished out, marking all men as horn dogs who go around f*cking(pardon my french) and abusing all the ladies as if they where private toys, that was the message. Tell me, where was the majority of men in that f*cked up commercial who would have stepped in and say; "what the f*ck are you doing, leave her alone"...or bitch slapped any guy who would dare to sexually assault or abuse a woman, keeping in mind we all have mothers, sisters, daughters...
So you see, radical feminists, manginas, lesbians gays, or whatever, are not trying to talk to us, they are accusing, then trying to impose, leaving behind reality; and that is, most of us, are not what they describe nor are we even going to accept them brainwashing our kids to accept this policy, as we said, this never works, because we, the majority cannot associate ourselves with what they say, describe or claim.
The problem is not us, the problem is...them.
Imposing one's ideals is not democracy or freedom, refusing to listen to opposing views and calling them names if their do not follow the line, does not promote equality, it does not give people a chance to look, analyze, or figure things out for themselves,  no one has a chance to catch their breath.
What it does though is impliment a marxist policy.
"Althusser (1971) a French Marxist, argued that people must be taught how to think and behave, and the family (as well as schools and the mass media) was the best mechanism for doing this."

TNC does not condemn anyone's lifestyle, but only offers an opposing opinion.
There is an ol'saying;
There are women with the essence of a man, and vice versa, but children do not have the character of an adult yet, and therefore must not be used to debate this. The innocence of a child must be protected, so they can grow with nature, and make up their own mind, such is the true path to equality.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Women and men must stand together against the evils of this world, otherwise, we already lost everything.

There may be some exceptions to "having it all" but for the most part we can't put our everything and BEST into being a wife, mother and POWERFUL career woman at the same time. She's not saying that we can't do all three but it's about dedicating MOST OF OUR TIME to nurturing our family, which is most important. Ladies remember your FEMININE role. Numbers don't lie. More women were married and more children were bore in wedlock when men and women had more defined roles. Feminism has been in work blurring the male/female roles and has caused a lot of imbalance in our relationships/families and society.
-Virtuous woman
Original posted at Black Women Against Feminism
She makes a good point; "we, men and women, cannot be all that all at the same time, we need each other. Men need us just as badly as we need them, cause even they cannot balance everything at the same time."
Our men are under attack everywhere they turn, why is that?
Can they handle the forces against them all by themselves?
Or do they need us, women, to stand by them so our children can have what is best in life?
If anything we know how hard it is to go through life alone, so why do some women accept the feminist idea that men do not need "our help"?
I will say this, if we as women turn to those who hate men for advice, we forgo our natural strengths given to us by God, faith is not only a spiritual thing, it's also a personal one.
Can I have an Amen.
Posted by Nubian Queen.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The "man"gina anthem...

LOL, couldn't resist...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hate been right all the time, especially about feminist behaviour.

A personal thought on a recent experience.
As we wrote in the previous post, (which we deleted) parents have a tendency to panic when their kids are in danger.
We try not to meddle, only watch and offer the advice which could be advantageous to the problem at hand...this, in parents experiences is all we can do...always be there, making sure they know they can depend on us...If we where to push it, get to involved, we could end up make things worse.

That said,
We tested the waters so to say, to see if we where right on everything we previously wrote; is it that feminism especially here in lanark county ontario, are more interested in themselves, at the expense of other, is it a financial thing? Maybe, just maybe some of them do care about women, instead of feeding their own inflated egos.

Someone asked for help, fearing for the life of one of their children, a message was sent to that one person who had a connection to all the social programs of the area, especially the local women's shelter....
"The message was read", that's the only feed back that person got, a read receipt that tells the message was open. No answer..No offer to help...

So, now we realized and their actions re-enforced the opinions they gave us of themselves, they are not there for women's rights or safety, but to advance themselves, they are so stuck on their perception of power, that if you dare to oppose it, or question it, whether you are man or woman, you are not of any interest to them...at all.

Therefore we are now more convinced than before that feminism, in all it true meanings, is a political and financial cult based on ignorance.

This was a moment of stupidity on our part to believe they would care about someone who was abused and abandoned...One person who needs to be looked after because of what others did...

None of this matters to them, feminism is about a selfish attitude, "it's our way", drink the cool-aid or we just do not care about your problems...

We have investigated many organizations run by hardened feminists, many in the sacred colors of humanity is represented here on TNC as you have seen and we all come to the same conclusion, it's not about the right of anyone...it's about them.
Such an organization cannot thrive under those circumstances, they make enemies with everyone they touch, instead of proving us wrong, and showing they did care, maybe even changing our perception, they actually strengthened them with their recent actions...
When one deals with them, one see's their true color and that is the saddest part of all...
such potential to make a difference, yet such waste....
What we learned from this experience?
Feminism and the organizations they control will only get involved in they can "gain" something from you....if not...go f*** yourself???
Asking for help???
This mistake will never be made again, and neither should you.

Feminism is never about helping, this is not their main mandate, obviously, it is about "them", their personality, their dislikes, their advancement,  people who crosses their path are simply tools.

Our families are best "protected" by us, when we give up this responsibility to others...
We fail ourselves and our kids.