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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The exposure of recent false rape accusations will hopefully bring this epidemic to light.

The repercussions of all these fake rape stories, some for sensationalism, will bring in the forefront the epidemic of false accusations, promoted by the feminist movement and their supporters in government, usually for financial, or misplaced political gains or in dunhams case, the taste of the month, popularity in order to advance her tv show.(which had the opposite effect)
The continuing bullsh*t by feminists that only 2% of rape claims are false, can now be exposed for what it is, a deliberate effort to hide the epidemic of false accusations against men and even uncover once and for all their obvious hate-on of anything male at the expense of everyone they deem unworthy, and that includes women who do not subscribe to their idiocy.

We have exposed how corrupt the whole system is, here in Lanark county ontario, it filters into welfare, housing, teen help organizations, and even the legal clinic in Perth ontario, with it's base of operation at the local women's shelter. It's not about helping victims anymore, it's all about either popularity or the main mandate, money at the expense of real victims, children and their main target...men. And if women get in their way, well, they to will suffer.

Lena Dunham, UVA, and False Rape Accusations
Not that this mattered to Dunham. Barry, who now is married with a family, requested for weeks that Dunham clear his name — to no avail; he also started a legal fund, retained a lawyer, and is considering a suit. But now Dunham’s publisher, Random House, has responded to the Breitbart investigation by admitting that “Barry” was just a pseudonym, has said that it will alter the memoir to reflect this fact, and is offering to pay the real Barry’s legal fees.

Frat to pursue legal action against 'Rolling Stone'
The fraternity spotlighted in a discredited Rolling Stone article describing an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia will take legal action against the magazine."After 130 days of living under a cloud of suspicion as a result of reckless reporting by Rolling Stone magazine, today the Virginia Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi announced plans to pursue all available legal action against the magazine," the fraternity said in a statement released Monday.

False Accusations of Rape: 21st Century Lynch Mobs (Female Sex Predators)
This controversial book explores the comparisons between the over 10,000 lynchings during the “Jim Crow” era in the United States, and, contemporary rape hysteria in modern times. This book shows how the government is openly sponsoring, and financing, a lynch mob mentality that not only leads to the death and assault of innocent men, but, affects large segments of our demographics. As an example, Mr. Davis explores the current rape hysteria that is prevalent on U.S. campuses, and, how that rape hysteria has created a hostile environment for men (with the consequence that the number of male graduates from U.S. colleges and universities is plummeting).

Mr. Davis shows how our culture, and our judicial system, have been corrupted to insure the conviction of innocent men who are accused of rape, and, to encourage women to make false accusations of rape. He explains, in this book, how the government actually pays women to make false accusations of rape.

Through citations to scholarly articles, and real case studies, Mr. Davis shows how the real rate of false accusations of rape is almost 60%, and, how our culture is promoting violence against innocent men merely to fulfill and obsession that is identical to the obsession that lead to lynchings at the turn of the 20th century.

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