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Monday, April 6, 2015

Rolling stone rape hoax. False accusations now a major problem in our society.

Rolling Stone’s Rape Hoax: Why Did It Happen?
While it does go behind the curtain at Rolling Stone, the Columbia report doesn’t tell us a lot that we didn’t already know. The reporter’s and editor’s principal failings were already a matter of record. Rolling Stone’s story was based on the account of a single witness, “Jackie,” years after the fact. “Jackie” blamed her purported rape on a person who, it turned out, did not exist. And the reporter never tried to track down the three friends who, according to “Jackie,” saw her shortly after the alleged gang rape. If the reporter had talked to those students, she would have found that they told a story completely different from “Jackie’s.” She also could have learned from them that “Haven Monahan,” the villain of “Jackie’s” story, was a figment of “Jackie’s” troubled imagination.

The Columbia report takes us behind the scenes at Rolling Stone and adds new details about how the false story made its way into print. But it says little about why the scandal, one of the worst instances of journalistic malpractice on record, happened. The closest it comes is this paragraph:
The problem of confirmation bias – the tendency of people to be trapped by pre-existing assumptions and to select facts that support their own views while overlooking contradictory ones – is a well-established finding of social science. It seems to have been a factor here. Erdely believed the university was obstructing justice. She felt she had been blocked. Like many other universities, UVA had a flawed record of managing sexual assault cases. Jackie’s experience seemed to confirm this larger pattern.
Of course: Sabrina Erdely and her editor, Sean Woods, believed “Jackie,” even though there were obvious indications of unreliability, because she was telling them what they wanted to hear, something that was consistent with a “larger pattern.” One might think that the nightmare the principals at Rolling Stone have lived through might generate some self-knowledge. But no. Their biases are intact.
The Managing Editor of Rolling Stone, Will Dana, introduced the Columbia report with his own mea culpa, which concludes with these words:
Sexual assault is a serious problem on college campuses, and it is important that rape victims feel comfortable stepping forward. It saddens us to think that their willingness to do so might be diminished by our failings.
Sabrina Erdely’s apology is also revealing:
In the case of Jackie and her account of her traumatic rape, I did not go far enough to verify her story. I allowed my concern for Jackie’s well-being, my fear of re-traumatizing her, and my confidence in her credibility to take the place of more questioning and more facts.
It never occurred to Ms. Erdely to wonder whether “Jackie” had been traumatized in the first place. And why does a reporter have confidence in the credibility of some sources, but not others? In this case, it seems obvious that Erdely found “Jackie” credible, even though her story was outlandish on its face, because “Jackie” was saying what Erdely wanted to hear.
This part is still more significant:
I want to offer my deepest apologies: to Rolling Stone’s readers, to my Rolling Stone editors and colleagues, to the U.V.A. community, and to any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.
Notably missing from Erdely’s apology, at least by any specific reference, are the people she actually hurt: members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, whom Erdely accused of casually (and, one might infer, habitually) encouraging the gang rape of young women who wander into their parties, and the administrators at U. Va. whom Erdely accused of self-interested callousness toward rape victims. Ms. Erdely seems to believe that her story was really “true”–men who belong to fraternities are animals, and university administrators are corrupt buffoons–and she only chose the wrong vehicle to express these verities.
So don’t be surprised next time Rolling Stone, or any other liberal publication, gets a story wrong. These journalists’ biases are set in stone. We and many others have revealed them countless times, and liberal bias has led to countless errors and embarrassments. But such setbacks don’t faze the social justice warriors who went into journalism to further the left-wing narrative. They are mere temporary checks. It is notable that no one at Rolling Stone will be fired or even disciplined as a result of the “Jackie” fiasco. From the establishment’s perspective, they may have erred–published an entirely fabricated story, in fact–but their hearts were in the right place.

They (rolling stone mag.) just don't get it do they, as long as the false accusations epidemic is not tackled and dealt with, this will keep on going...where's the apology to the men they falsely accused???

Feminist claim that only 1 to 2% of rape claims are false, they and their supporter's refusal to admit there is a major problem is causing these kind of falsified stories to be taken as facts before anyone even dares to look into it, under the pretense it would further victimize the victim...this self-denial on their parts, opens the door to all kinds of ridiculous accusations.

I don't want to analyze every one, every where, staying only in my area, and since we started this site, we have found false accusations to wander around the 50% mark, if not higher, and that's not just rapes, but assaults, abuse, whether physical or psychological (he yelled at me, or even he raised his voice now been passed off as abuse), is prevalent all around us...It is promoted by women's shelters to increase their funding, by women who want instant custody of the kids, financial gains, to be put on the emergency list ahead of others for welfare and housing, family courts. Shelter staff will even lure young girls against parents, coaching them to claim abuse if parents refuse to sign the permission for them to be on welfare while underage, ( we have sign depositions to that matter).
We have pointed out the inconstancy in their claims, where one years the police answered 59 calls of domestic abuse while the shelter claims there where 2,259 calls the same year. 
Anyone at a women's shelter making an accusation is taken as fact, this does not mean they believe them, on the contrary, their policy is, if they would investigate, and find the accusations are false, it would limit their funding, hence these actions on behalf of shelter staff "promotes" false accusations.
Case in point...(a conversation we had with someone attached to a shelter)
It's not important to see if the claim is true, only that any claim provides them with....money. false or otherwise.

Some of the accusations can be out of this world, recently someone was accused of been, either a witch, warlock, or an extra-terrestrial, (still not sure where they were going this that one) I can't go into to much details "for now", but believe me, they (local radical feminists) cannot deny the stupidity of this particular instance, it was so out there, we still have a hard time believing, "intelligent people" would even go there.

False accusations promoted by what's left of the radical feminist movement is the major problem behind the rolling stone article, the idea someone making an accusation for whatever reason is taken as fact encourages many to go this way for attention or in the case of this Sabrina Erdely and her editor, Sean Woods, sensationalism...without verification...
And as we see now, it is starting to come back and bite them in the ass...
But....when we read the post above, nowhere do they admit in their fake apology, that, many innocent men where unduly accused. They went towards "if she made said accusation then it must be true", they didn't even entertained the idea that it might be false....and they got burned.
This is troubling, because many people where demonized unnecessarily, and most importantly, real victims of crime will be more apt to keep it to themselves because false stories and claims are not prosecuted for what they are...a crime, and they might not be believed.
Therefore, radical feminism, women's shelters, their supporters, the media are all responsible for the increase in false accusations, and let's face facts, someone who is falsely accused is a victim of a crime, not that they give a sh*t.

By not reporting the truth about false claims, or admitting there is a problem about the increase of false accusations, they are responsible for the mess all this is causing...It's never about the victims, it's all about financial gains and in the case of rolling stone magazine, popularity.

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