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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nubian Queen; the feminine commands the respect of the masculine.

We will always have both our strengths and weaknesses. But our strength is not being "strong" but our strength is in our womanhood and femininity. Physical attraction is one thing but a delicate woman can actually boost a man's testosterone and enhance his masculinity.
We should be able to show when we're vulnerable just like every other woman. Our role is not the dominant one. Men and women are INTERdependent of one another in a relationship to complete to each other.
Virtuous woman
Nothing is more beautiful than, or commands the respect of a man than a woman in touch with her FEMININE nature.
All that "strong" stuff can act as a repellent to a man who is strong by NATURE.
Harmony is the UNION of OPPOSITES. .. -Ptah-Hotep
We all have our responsibilities, a woman to be a woman, a man to be a man, it gives balance and a healthy home for the young ones. When we forgets them we have chaos.
Posted by Nubian Queen.

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