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Monday, April 13, 2015

Men and women, accepting who we are is what makes life...better.

 Marine Corps Ends Female Infantry Officer Program.
Guess How Many Graduated?
By Rachel Stoltzfoos
An 18 month trial period allowing female Marines to attend the Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course will end without a single female graduate, reported the Marine Corps Times.
The opportunity for female volunteers is part of a larger effort to determine the feasibility of allowing female officers to take part in ground combat operations. If anyone had successfully completed the course, they would not have earned the occupational designator or entered the infantry, since the program was only an experiment. (RELATED: Army Bending Over Backward To Kind Of Appease Women)
The IOC began accepting female officers in September 2012, but by July 2014, only 20 female officers had volunteered, and none had completed the course. Only one volunteer made it through the initial Combat Endurance Test. (RELATED: Female Marine: Women Do Not Belong In Marine Corps Infantry)
n October 2014 the Marine Corps broadened the requirements for applicants to encourage more volunteers, making hundreds more Marines eligible. But new applicants also had to have a first-class score on the male-version of the Physical Fitness Test.
Life is simple, we all have limitations, and when we accept those limitations, we can concentrate more on the true gifts we where given at birth and stop trying to be someone we where never meant to be. Man has evolved a certain way, stronger and more able physically, something feminists and their manginas will never understand or accept, doesn't makes us better, it just makes us an important part of the circle of life...Break that circle with unnatural behavior and your asking for trouble.
85% of Women like men to be men, not manginas who will call 911 instead of getting involve if the situation arises when they need protection or to be defended.
Pink shirts is not salmon color, it's pink, a man who refuses to live up to his natural responsibility and sides with feminists is a mangina and frowned upon even by them...
And a man purse is not a carry all...it's a f*cking purse...
Women have their gifts, and we have ours, when we decide to accept who we are, then we can meet in the middle and concentrate more on what is really important besides ourselves and that is our children's upbringing in a healthy and safe surrounding, where they can grow with a smile on their faces and a giggle in their hearts, instead of been used by the corrupt for their own benefit. We can care for our Elders in a respectable way and go to them when we need advice, instead of shoving them into a forgotten and abusive world.
Take away, as they have tried to do in the past few decades, the security of family life and society breaks down, nobody knows where they belong and instead of an evolving people we have a devolving one, more suicides, more indifference to the pain of others.
We could do better, instead of trying to squeeze into a lifestyle that doesn't belong to us, we should concentrate more on who we could help at making their lives better, getting rid of hunger, homelessness, exposing and riding ourselves of micro-minorities who are more interested in advancing themselves instead of trying to better the world around them.
The answer to the worlds woes is not changing nature but to live beside it, men be men, women be women, respect each others individuality, walk side by side and we will be more apt to recognize what needs to be fixed and get down to it, accept division, and hell will thrive....
History is the perfect example of what happens when we listen to others for our own behavior.
Look around, what will it take for humanity to realise things are not what they could be....
The next world war will be the last, and no, it will not bring lasting peace, it will bring...extinction.
Men and women walking side by side is the answer to all the worlds problems, competing with each other only brings division, this empowers the corrupt, opens the abuse of children and forgets the Elders.
Life is simple... we only have to accept and listen to each other....
We can either live with nature or go against it, and if we do, we will be replaced by another species...
Mother Earth only has so much patience with those who never listen.

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