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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Let's make this title simple...What if it was a man who did this?

My God, what if a man would do this....
All hell would break loose...

Colleges, feminists and their manginas define “forced kissing” as sexual assault.

Men have been arrested or convicted for TRYING to kiss women.

Reminds me of the recent incident with Madonna, where she kissed Drake.
Drake was disgusted. But instead of accusing Madonna of sexual assault or rape,
 Drake got accused of ageism.

This reminds us of the anti male commercial we have been blasted with in ontario as of late...
Especially during the hockey playoffs because they know the majority of people watching them are men... 
Making all men out to be horn dogs who will f*ck anything female...(pardon my french)
When you watch the video above, you see the same reaction most women would have, pull back and basically say "what the f*ck are you doing". Which shows what we have been saying all along, we all think the same regardless of gender, to pin point one as the aggressor is to give out a false message and is extremely sexist. 
The same as, it's becoming "an accepted fact" that just as many men suffer from DV as women, the difference is men do not report it....
"A study by Edith Cowan University (ECU) confirmed that abused men have almost no services to help them despite also suffering from physical, emotional, verbal, sexual financial and social abuse like women."
There are many other legitimate sites that points to men been abused...if these statistics are ignored, when half the problem does not count, "NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE" and as we see with ontario, the issue will be used for political advancement.

If the ontario government wanted to make a "real" commercial based on the reaction of "the majority of normal people" they would have put men in there saying "what are you doing man, leave her alone", I would even accept someone saying "real men get involved", which is the true way most of us would react if we saw someone sexually abusing another, but no, "all men bad" message keeps on going because some radical feminist womyn studies professor is the premier and her surrounding (including her manginas) always believed men are horn dogs who need to be controlled...
That's why their message is not going the way they expected and that's why Comments are disabled for this video.
If they wanted to be real and honest about this, they would have left the comment section opened, but they know damn well people do not buy their crap anymore.

And what if there was a situation where no one said anything, (which would very rarely happen) is it only men that are oblivious to sexual assault tagging all of us bad? NO!
Take a good look at this video of someone allegedly getting gang raped on panama beach in Florida, what do you see?
I see a bunch of girls surrounding the alleged act and saying absolutely...nothing.
If "Only men are bad" why aren't the girls, which you can see clearly are looking in that direction saying anything??? After all, isn't this spring break, students from colleges, where womyn studies thrive??? Where are all the feminists???? Not saying a f*cking thing and watching????
Here's a title for the books, "college womyn studies feminists see gang rape, but just watch, do and say nothing to stop it"....

The point is, we men and women, do not rape or sexually assault anyone, when this does happen it is the act of a few bad people, male and females. Targeting only one group falsifies the message and no one pays the right attention to it....
Instead of targeting one group, why don't they make it real, show this crappy comercial as is but put someone getting involved to stop it, as we would all do..
After all, these are our mother, daughters, wives, gf, sisters, (and vice versa); making it seem like we would just look the other way is a lie and all bullsh*t.
Such is the non-existing world of the feminist and her mangina, living in a world that just does not exist. And they wonder why we identify them as cat loving man-haters.

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