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Saturday, April 11, 2015

False Rape Accusations Are Super-Rare - And Rolling Stone Proves That! (Wait - What?)

Welcome to Liberal Logic 101. Where up is down and the sky is purple and lies are truth.
An unsigned op-ed in Penn State's The Daily Collegian criticizes the lawsuit brought by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity against Rolling Stone. Phi Kappa Psi, if you remember, is the fraternity whose members were accused of rape in the now-thoroughly-debunked Rolling Stone hit-piece "A Rape on Campus." Also, if you remember, the woman who wrote the article, Sabrina Elderly, conveniently forgot to apologize to the fraternity.
The Daily Collegian, however, asserts that even though the Rolling Stone UVA rape story was full of more holes than Swiss cheese, that still means that false accusations of rape are super-rare! 
If you're looking at that sentence and wondering "HUH???" Congratulations! You're a sane human being!

To get to this incredible leap of zero-logic, the editors of the Daily Collegian figure that because police couldn't find any evidence of rape taking place at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. Never mind that the Columbia Journalism review already tore Sabrina Erdely's hit piece limb from limb in their investigative report on her lack-of-reporting.
As far as the fraternity's lawsuit goes, the Daily Collegian figures that, since everybody knows that the Rolling Stone article was a piece of garbage and the rape didn't actually happen, the fraternity has nothing to gain by suing Rolling Stone.
Okay - wait, what? Yes, Rolling Stone's credibility has been proven to be total crap - but nobody really got punished for this. Erdely and her editor apologized, but they're still employed at the magazine (they probably got a bonus). The magazine hasn't suffered the gross humiliation of protesters camped out on their premises with signs and bullhorns. In fact, with the exception of this one tiny blip on the media landscape, Rolling Stone is conducting business as usual, while the fraternity and its members have been harassed and maligned for months since the article was published. Not to mention the impact this is going to have on actual rape victims having the courage to come forward. Where's the justice in that?
Phi Kappa Psi should sue Rolling Stone! Make a statement that the media can't get away with crap like this!
Story credit to COTR 

As we reported before, here in lanark county ontario, the local women's shelter  claimed over 2000 instances of DV, yet to police reported that only 59 call of DV where made to them...

So, false accusations are not rare but a major problem...and I hope Phi Kappa Psi fraternity sues the sh*t out of rolling stone mag and Sabrina Elderly.
This and other false accusation, lena dunham comes to mind, need to be exposed one way or another...

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