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Monday, April 20, 2015

Canada's dangerous flirtation with censorship and anti-male propaganda.

 Calgary Expo faces consumer backlash after expelling female critics of feminism
 Honey Badger brigade...
A group of female webcomic artists and online radio hosts have been ejected from the Calgary Expo, a Canadian pop culture convention, after publicly disagreeing with members of a feminist panel discussion.
Staff at the expo informed them that they had received reports of ‘harassment’ at the panel, but footage of the discussion shows that no such behaviour took place. Consumers accused the Calgary Expo of engaging in political intolerance, and have begun a boycott of the convention’s sponsors.
The ejected group are co-hosts of the Honey Badger Brigade, an online radio show that covers politics and pop culture. It was set up in 2013 by Alison Tieman, creator of the Xenospora webcomic. Both the comic and the show have acquired a dedicated fan base in recent years, and it was fans who helped raise over $9,000 for the Honey Badgers to set up a promotional booth at the Calgary Expo.

Backlash The Expo’s response was unconvincing to consumers, who quickly flooded the #CalgaryExpo hashtag with critical tweets.
Many alleged that the convention was using “safety” as an excuse for political discrimination, while others noted the hypocrisy of expelling female creators from a pop culture convention in the name of feminism.

After looking into this, we found it pretty disgusting that the only reason HBB was ejected was because they justifiably mentioned that feminism in all it's stupidity, was based on claiming victim-hood for all women and all men bad...which a strong majority of women reject.
We at TNC strongly support the idea of suing the crap out of this gathering of man-haters, manginas and cencorship promoters at calgary comic expo, or whatever they call themselves...and boycotting any businesses which supports them.

There is a dangerous pattern evolving in this country, a slow path toward censorship and propaganda...even promoted and supported by the MSM.
We seen this with bill c-51, which could basically target any dissenting voices against the elite as terrorism...
"Danika Littlechild, an Edmonton lawyer and activist for the rights of Canada's indigenous people, said she’s worried the federal government has already labelled certain environmental and aboriginal groups as "adversaries" to oil extraction development.
"My biggest fear, and I think this will come to pass if it does go through, is that it will criminalize our rights to stand up for our rights," Littlechild said."It will prevent us from legitimately opposing disrespect or outright denial of our constitutional protected treaty rights and aboriginal rights."

As for propaganda, we see the MSM promoting what is a man hate commercial plastered all across every TV station, especially during the hockey playoffs...
I decided to watch said play-offs yesterday on American TV stations, and if the American channels do not show them, the h*ll with it... I just could not bring myself to accept this video who targets all men as sexually aggressive horn dogs.
Forgetting the increase sexual abuse committed by female teachers as of late...
As for this pro-feminist anti male commercial (seen here) created and funded by the provincial government, (while kids go to school hungry and elderly have to decide between food and medicine), headed by a radical lesbian professor from our local womyn studies university, hailed has a great great thing by the MSM, you can see the backlash this has created by simply looking at the youtube video and realising it is not what they claim. Yes it is popular, but not in a positive way.
Since there has been so much negative backlash on this video of anti male propaganda, they had to....disabled the comments. So has to hide the true response to their bullsh*t feminist mangina, anti-male rhetoric.
According to them..."ALL MEN BAD?"
Feminists and their manginas servants...
...cannot accept free speech, obviously, we see this in what they did in Calgary, all at the same time, targeting the very gender which assures their freedom of speech by defending with their lives their right to spew out bullsh*t...
A little at a time, freedoms are been curtailed, restricting it is a massive danger to the society our Elders fought so hard to pass down to us. Accepting opposing views and demonstrations is part of a healthy democracy, and democracy is not given or dictated to us by the few, or governments, it is protected and promoted by it's people. If we do not realize what is going on, shut our eyes so we can achieve that extra buck, we will wake up one day and find ourselves in a world that doesn't belong in a democratic country.
Freedoms are not defended by a micro-minority or a self serving "cult"...
But by all of us....TOGETHER...For the benefit of our families and our children.
Silence in the face of censorship and propaganda is to forget the true meaning of a free people, and gives totalitarian ideals a place to flourish...

TNC believes all should be respected and no one group has the right to target others in order to promote themselves...
Since we also believe in freedom of speech, any one group targeting another for censorship or propaganda will be exposed for what they truly represent.

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