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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baby girl found in "garbage dumpster."

 Man hears ‘kitten’ sounds in garbage dumpster: finds living newborn baby
Police in Horry County, SC have arrested a woman in connection with the dumping of a newborn baby girl in a bag of trash.
 On April 9, Austin Detray was taking out his garbage when he heard noises that sounded like a kitten. After he and some family members investigated, they found a newborn baby girl, with the umbilical cord still attached, inside a bag of garbage. She was estimated to be just a few hours old.
“I moved two bags off the top of the baby and I seen a baby’s faced smushed against one of the bags. So I grabbed that bag out,” explained Detray. “I took it out of the dumpster and I opened it up and I kinda cleaned off the trash from the baby, off its stomach and its face.

This is the world were going to leave the next generation?
I don't f*cking think so....

I don't think we need to add to this, I'm just to disgusted with this world...

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