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Thursday, April 30, 2015

An honest look at why ferminism is seen in the negative by women...Good read.

 Why I am no longer a Feminist (A story by Christine Damon)
Most of the feminists who bothered to listen, came back with attacks. My boyfriend should learn to control himself. I calmly explained he had done nothing wrong. They could not hear it. Feminists repeat the lie that false reporting is rare often enough that they blindly believe it. Even when the cases that feminist journalists use to prove that there is a rape crisis end up being false reportings, they still either choose to believe the accuser, despite evidence they are lying, or claim that at least they brought attention to the problem. They are so blinded they cannot even admit that a crime with actual victims has been committed.
The common narrative among feminists is that women do not lie about rape. They also charge anyone who bothers to question the veracity of those claims with victim blaming. There have been recent protests at Berkley and Ohio University against affording the accused due process. These feminists feel that since women do not lie about rape, we should just be able to assume that all accused are guilty.
There is absolutely no concern that innocent lives may be destroyed.

When the Rolling Stone came forward with an apology over the article on the UVA Gang Rape, which also ended up being a false reporting, their was a tremendous outrage. Feminists were not angry because innocent men were falsely accused and had their reputations damaged. They were not angry because a woman had committed the crime of false reporting. They were angry that Rolling Stone followed this narrative and inadvertently exposed the fact that women do, in fact, lie about rape. The fact that there were actual victims of the false reporting is not even mentioned. Not only did they not care about the victims of false reporting, they flatly refused to admit that they even existed.

This is a story I think that more than a few people who read this can empathize. You need to keep in mind that this could happen to anyone leaving a relationship. In this case in particular you don’t even have to be married to the person for it to happen
Read full story here...

False accusations are rampant, contrary to what feminists and their manginas claim, many have experienced this disturbing trend. 
It is used for revenge, vendettas, custody of the kids, home and material goods, false statistics are promoted to increase funding especially by women's shelter staff, reducing the true worth of these places.
And feminists will still hold on to the premise that false accusations against men are rare...UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO THEM OR SOMEONE AROUND THEM..question is why do they wait till then...
Been anti-feminist has nothing to do, as we can see, with been anti-woman, it is one of the most ridiculous of notions. After all we all have women in our lives....
We have to live with each other, one does not exist without the other, violence of any kind is not performed by a certain group, nor by a certain gender, but by bad individuals.
When we concentrate on fighting the true fight against those who would do us harm, then life will be a whole lot better, subscribing ourselves to false statistics or a demonization of one specific group or gender will keep us divided, which is what they (feminists and their supporters) want and have been reduced to...

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