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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Yes, the western world is doing just fine...(sarcasm) Sex-ed for kids guides them in a destructive path.

Have You Heard of Survival Sex? Some Teens Do it Daily

While the common narrative about sex workers describes young females forced into prostitution due to sex trafficking, there’s also another less talked about, but just as devastating type of sex worker on the streets right now: homeless teens who are doing it just to get by.
A new study echoing the colloquial findings reported in Rachel Aviv’s story on teen homelessness for The New Yorker reveals that thousands of homeless teens on the streets of New York are engaging in sexual activity in exchange for a night in an apartment, or money to pay their cellphone bills.
These teens can make anywhere from $200 for sex without a condom, to about $91 for an encounter. They average somewhere between three to six customers a day, bringing their daily take home to somewhere between $356 to $734.
They aren’t working for pimps, but involved in a loose network of friends and “family,” soldered together by the need to survive.
To find clients, many of whom are middle class fathers, sometimes Hasidic Jews, and not rarely men and women in their twenties, these homeless youth wait on streets where they know pimps don’t work but people will also be “cruising.”
However, as many as 40 percent find clients the 2015 way. They use computers, usually at the Apple store, to access websites like Backpage where they can acquire “dates.”
Many of these youngsters, a number as high as 87 percent of them by some estimates, identify as other than straight and often cite not being accepted by their families as a reason they eventually ended up on the street. In fact, the recently released study by the Urban Institute was the first of its kind to specifically research the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning population of street youths.
What they found was that for these minors, society has failed to such an extent that at a time when other kids around the country are playing football, studying for SATs and getting their drivers licenses— these kids are trading tips on who’s a violent customer and who’s safe to go home with for the night, simply because they have no other options.
Something is wrong with our system, they keep on teaching sex and alternative lifestyle to kids saying it will protect them, make things better, yet this shit keeps on getting worse....

Though we had some problems in the past, it was not in the numbers it is now...so goes to show, parents of the previous generation had it right and when the state got involve in "educating our young about sex", things got worse...and will continue on getting worse until we tell people like wynne of Ontario that, WE KNOW BETTER THAN HER, and to back off....
Yes, lets forfeit our parental rights to these assh*les, (pardon my french)

Things are working out just fine....(more sarcasm)
Maybe we should move over and give our place on Mother Earth to another species, they seem to care more about their kids than some humans do.... 

Groups opposing the updated sex-ed, including Campaign Life CoalitionParents as First Educators (PAFE), REAL Women of Canada, and many others, say the curriculum attacks the innocence of children by sexualizing them from the earliest age. Critics also point out what they say is an explicit homosexual agenda in the sex-ed, adding that it will normalize the acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual practices to the up-and-coming generations.

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