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Friday, March 13, 2015

Woman falsely accuses man of rape, and man captures it on video. The epidemic of false accusations.

From women for men.

The latest feminist obsession with rape has reached the point where false accusations are now being thrown around loosely. It has resulted in a negative stigma toward men on college campuses, and destroyed the lives of those falsely accused. Fortunately, one man videotaped his entire encounter with a woman who wrongly accused him, proving her wrong and probably saving him from arrest and prosecution.
Fly Height posted the video, showing a dishevelled looking woman who appears to be high and trespassing in a man’s room. She cries out, “Don’t touch me, rape, he wants to rape me! Help me!” The startled man responds back, “stop hitting me lady.” With the door wide open and her boyfriend standing next to her, she continues, “I promise I won’t squeal on you any more … I’ll do anything you want!” She then bangs on his door, yelling, “I was trying to get out of your room, you won’t let me.” The victim asks her repeatedly, “Please call the cops and get out of my room.”
Another man, possibly a landlord, approaches her as she finally leaves the man’s place, sympathetically taking her side. But it won’t matter, all the evidence is preserved on video.
It is despicable that our culture now instructs women to cry rape at the smallest thing, instead of treating it seriously. Not all men are in a position to capture something like this on video. Hopefully the men that are able to will do so, to protect themselves from this vicious strain of feminism.
Watch the video below:

This person get's it right; 
"With rape accusations being treated as guilty until proven innocent, unscrupulous women poised to gain materially from making false accusations, and a loud chorus of feminist voices demanding that we never doubt such an accuser (to do so constitutes “blaming the victim” and makes one a “rape apologist”), what else could we have expected?`

We have posted many stories as of late of false accusations, especially in Lanark county Ontario, some going so far as to be downright disturbing and disgusting as the one above shows, even one been so out of this world,(bordering on the ridiculous) one wonder on the rational of some people, and those who promotes it.

Most false accusations against men have one thing in common, financial gains....whether by unscrupulous women or feminist groups like women`s shelters who inflate DV numbers in order to get more funding and exaggerate their self worth. The problem now is, not only for the men who suffer from this kind of a disturbing path some seem to have chosen for revenge, vendettas, quick custody of the kids, so on, but with the advent of the rohtak sisters, or lena dunham and U of V story, which the man they accused never existed, the media's report on them without fact checking is putting more and more pressure on real victims of crimes, when someone cries rape for instance, the first thing that pops in one`s mind is, "I wonder if this is another false claim".

Women's shelters are at the forefront of false accusations, they accept any and all of them as real, even if they know it to be false. Claiming that if they don't, it would constitute "blaming the victim and a rape apologist," which is an idiotic statement if you think about it. What they really mean is it would diminish their funding, the more accusations the more they can ask for an increase in funding the next year...We have seen this with the local shelter in Carleton place Ontario...
Case in point...
This conversation we had with this individual who is attached to this specific shelter, perfectly shows their open policy of supporting false accusations for financial gains, damn be the innocent....
As long as this continues and not confronted as been a criminal act, which false accusations are, we are going to have stories such as the one above, the false accusations will continue. It has become a damn epidemic...

We must hold accountable all those who have chosen to follow this road, the hateful ol'hags from the shelter industry, the feminists lawyers who accept such false accusations to fatten their purses, the media who reports it as been true without fact checking, I.e.; cnn, msnbc, cbc, ctv, global, so on and the manginas who believe they are natural rapists(warning, watching this sh*t, might cause nausea) and apologise for been born men...or whatever they are.
The inferiority complex, feminists and their manginas live under is the big problem here, their refusal to be honest and tell the truth cause pain all around, kids, fathers, families, even real victims. 
This is what happens when a small minority is given too much leeway, they abuse it and many suffer because of it. 

Let's prevent feminists and manginas from procreating....is one way. 
erin lee todd

Women do no like (pink shirt wearing) manginas and men do not like (I want to be a man) feminists...
Waiting them out is one way, making fun of them another, but what is most essential, is to be honest when exposing what they truly represent, because it is having an effect.

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