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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Windsor Ontario library used for more than reading books...(Porn?) lol.

Secret library sex videos draw police attention
Windsor police are investigating after several videos surfaced online of an unknown woman exposing herself and performing sex acts on camera at a public library.
Police say they are looking into reports that graphic videos were recorded at two public library branches in Windsor. They are also investigating another possible video recorded at a Tim Hortons.
Dozens of videos posted online under the username Lilsecrett show a woman revealing herself and performing graphic solo sex acts at a public library, often with oblivious patrons visible behind her.
The videos were originally made as live webcam chats through My Free Cams, a site that allows people to chat with models as they undress and perform various acts.
The videos show a young woman cautiously revealing her breasts, buttocks and genitals on camera. She is also seen typing on her computer as part of the webcam chat.
Lilsecrett's account is no longer active on the site. An Instagram account under that username has also been shut down.
A performer profile page on another website says she is 21.
The videos were posted between October and January.

Jezz ladies, a library????

Imagine if this would have been a man, you would have feminists web site frothing at the mouth, yelling out patriarchy privilege, domestic violence and asking for more funds to combat male sexual aggression in libraries......

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