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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We will never get justice, Mohawk Elder.

In the United States only those with money can get justice. There is no justice for the poor and the lawyers assigned by the state to defend those without the finances to retain their own lawyers in reality only serve the interests of their bosses, namely the state. The inability to get justice or to be treated with the same respect as the rest of the population is particularly acute for marginalized indigenous peoples whose only avenue for redress against wrongs inflected on them by the state and its agents are in the very courts those guilty of crimes against the Indians control. Tekarontake an elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia about a case that has been dragging through the courts for 17 years and one that saw armed state police beating Indian women and children. The Indian victims have refused to settle out of court, but the cards are stacked against them as the state does what it does best, protect its own criminals.

Tekarontake: Back in 1997 the State of New York was trying to impose taxes on the indigenous people within their native communities that were, what they considered as, part of NY State. But our people have always retained who we are. We have never alienated ourselves from ourselves, but we have always continued to be as we were from the beginning of time. We have never freely accepted to be part of the State of NY or the US, or of Canada. We continue to remain as part of our own respective nations.

We opposed taxation on our people. But some of our councils who are considered federally recognized. Federal recognition simply means that these people have willingly and freely accepted to comply with all the laws, rules and regulations of the US and the State of NY. These are the people who are considered our leaders, but they are the leaders only in accordance to the Government. But among the people, among the population, they are not. They are basically what people would refer to as puppet governments.

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I have said it before, unless we achieve some degree of independence, justice will never be taken seriously when it comes to First Nations.

We can take care of ourselves, our Elders and our Children, a lot better than the nanny state has been doing.
We cannot depend on so call leaders who associate with those who do everything to keep us down.
Someday soon, realisation will come, that it is better for the welfare of the people to look after our own without dependence on some foreign government established through violence and a policy of extermination.

Freedoms and security for our families and Mother Earth should never depend on governments but the people they are expected to serve, yet as we see now, the system is based on the privileged dictating to all of us, how to behave, even if we do not agree.
As the Elder say...
Only those with money can get justice.

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