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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Teaching sex ed and one lifestyle over the other to kids and imposing one's personal views on parents smells of totalitarianism.

Imposing moral beliefs on children through a ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum
Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum, for which Mr. Coren declared his support last week, does not teach abstinence or self-control. Instead, it presents the physical and biological aspects of human sexuality in a vacuum, detached from love, marriage and procreation. This may well be exactly what some parents want taught to their children. They should have it, because the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”
But this right of parents cuts in all directions. Parents who are Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Evangelical Christians, along with non-religious parents who disagree with the devaluation of sex as a mere tool for maximizing pleasure, do not want Kathleen Wynne’s personal beliefs imposed on their children. To dismiss these parents as suffering from a mental illness in the form of an irrational fear, as Mr. Coren and Wynne have done by accusing them of “homophobia,” is intellectually dishonest.
Every school, and every curriculum, has an underlying belief system, and imparts knowledge from a particular set of assumptions, or worldview. Collecting taxes from citizens who adhere to a wide range of different world views, and only returning the money to parents for education if those parents agree to have their children educated in the way chosen by the state, is quasi-totalitarian. When politicians and bureaucrats use the education system as a tool to impose their own moral beliefs on every child through a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum, they threaten Canada’s free society.
Whether Wynne’s curriculum is good for children is not something that parents will ever agree on. That is exactly why, in Canada’s still-free society, parents should have the right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children. There is no reason for education funding to be limited to only one curriculum, and only one kind of school.

The mark of a good government  is not to impose one's personal lifestyle or personal belief on all, but to offer balance and represent the whole population. Which wynne doesn't seem to want to accept.
Kids these day are more confused on where they belong in life as never before, increase self mutilation and suicides should ring a bell, but when they are "used" to advance someone's personal beliefs at their expense, that's child abuse.
There was a time when the state had respect for the place parents and families occupied in the security of a nation. And no matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise, it did work out better than it does today. There was less drug and alcohol abuse, less welfare, less teen pregnancies, less suicides, and kids where thought to work hard for what they wanted so they brought that into adulthood.
Now, they thinks teaching kids how to sexually play with themselves the proper way will make things hunky dory, as if it's the same as playing xbox, this borders on paedophilia...
We had sex ed in the past, they thought us about the physical aspects of males and females, how it worked and so on, it was called biology, and the rest was thought by parents, the birds and the bees, it included...self respect, which the state does not teach. That was balance.
In other words, behaving like a slut or a man-whore, not only disrespected the opposite sex, but one's self.
This isn't shaming anyone, it prevents children from pushing baby strollers, and the opportunity to look forward to a good future instead of been on welfare without a proper education.
Let's face it, children who have babies have it twice as hard to advance themselves into a prosperous future and give up faster than if they where allowed to be kids. (16 years old is not an adult, they are still children)

The very idea that the state knows better has been passed on before, and it never went the way they predicted...
Their first priority once in power was the take over of the education system...

There are 2 laws in life, legislation by the state and natural laws. They can try to legalize behaviour all they want, but they will never succeed if they do not take in consideration the nature of life itself...
It is an accepted fact that most people believe in a free and secure society for all it's population, but to have it imposed on them, reverses the very policies they try to pass on. It promotes...dissension and in some cases...hate.
There are many more important things to teach kids, and once you do that, everything else falls in place. Respecting parent's place in the circle is what makes a society strong, accepting they have the final say in the education of their kids benefits us all.
Many of us have nothing against alternate lifestyle, but stop shoving it in our faces or calling those who do not agree, names, that's called bullying. Decades ago, a P.M. said, "the state has no business in people's bedroom", and the majority basically agreed, sure there where some who didn't but because it was not pushed on the young, it did not become the controversy it is today.
It went on to be "live and let live"
Nobody really wants any minority to be picked on, but to identify those who do not follow the established line the state imposes as bullies or homophobes allows retaliation since they do it themselves.
In other words, call me names and it gives me the right to do the same.
When trust is promoted over imposition, things work better.
The state would do better and be more respected if they would understand the true value of family life...
One is a gay or heterosexual family, fine, do it at home, teach self respect and the love family life offers, and always remember children need to be guided, not manipulated.
The answer to a just society has always and will always start and finish with family...not the state.

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