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Friday, March 6, 2015

Ontario's sex ed curriculum developed by a convicted child predator...REAL Women of Canada

REAL Women Media Release:
Wynne and Sandals have lied to the public
RE: Ontario Sex Education Program

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Education Minister Liz Sandals lied to the public when they maintained that former Deputy Minister of Education and convicted child predator, Benjamin Levin, was not involved in developing the controversial sex education curriculum. On the contrary, he was responsible for the version published in 2010 which was not substantially modified in the 2015 version.

This is made clear by the following:

· In a 2009 newsletter, as deputy minister, Levin said he was “responsible for ... everything that they do” and to “implement” the “new” approach.

· On March 6, 2009, Levin wrote and signed a memo that put himself in charge of Ontario’s school curriculum. He stated, “I am writing to provide an update on our sector’s agenda ... I will be filling the ADM (assistant deputy minister) position previously held by George Zegarac ... The division formerly headed by George Zegarac will be renamed as ‘Learning and Curriculum.’ It will have responsibility for curriculum and for Special Education including Provincial Schools.”

· On April 6, 2009, Levin penned a memo saying, “Today, the ministry released its new equity and inclusive education strategy paper ... This province wide strategy has been a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me.”

· On June 24, 2009, Levin wrote that the “Realizing the Promise of Diversity: Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy” sets out a “vision for an equitable and inclusive education system.” He wrote “the principles of equity and inclusive education should be embedded into all aspects of board and high school operations including program, employment, research, curriculum, resources, instructional and assessment practices.”

· In an interview published in the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s (OISE) winter 2009 newsletter, Levin said: “I was the deputy minister of education. In that role, I was the chief civil servant. I was responsible for the operation of the Ministry of Education and everything that they do; I was brought in to implement the new education policy.”

These memos end the confusion as to just what his involvement was in the curriculum. He was in charge of it.

It is alarming that Levin would use his position as Deputy Minister to manage a program to desensitise and groom children about age-inappropriate matters, such as masturbation, the use of pornography to stimulate erotic feelings and to teach that anal sex and oral sex are healthy alternatives to vaginal intercourse. It appears reasonable to assume that Mr. Levin’s influence in the development of the sex education curriculum was motivated by his own perverse attraction to children.

According to Dr. Robert McDonald, a retired psychotherapist and medical doctor, “Any action which sexualizes a child before he or she is ready is sexual abuse. Therefore, so-called sex-ed for children before puberty is an act of sexual abuse.”
Wynne and Sandals maintain they will not accept any changes to the 2015 sex-ed program. This dictatorial position is appalling. We live in a democracy not a totalitarian state.

Unfortunately, it is our Ontario children who will be the helpless victims of this sex education program imposed by these politicians.

Gwendolyn Landolt, Vice President of REAL Women of Canada states, “Wynne and Sandals seem to believe that all they have to do is shout ‘homophobe’ at those who object to the curriculum, and this will erase any problems with it, as well as erase any other problems from the long list of improper activities carried on by this government. The latter cannot be believed or trusted.”

This curriculum is not acceptable and should be withdrawn so that it can be properly reviewed and allow parents opportunity to be consulted on its contents.

by Gwendolyn Landolt, REAL Women of Canada Media Release, March 5, 2015
This imposition by the state has been tried before....
Take into consideration that first nations have a lot of experiences in the state imposing their will in education, then ask yourself if you really want to put your trust in them without having a say as a parent?
And when the state "dictates", it never ends well...

Some of those involved in pushing their views on parents and their children claim to be professors, or involved in the education system, and if we dig further, it's damn scary what some academics seem to believe...
Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt
Helen Reece, a reader in law at the London School of Economics, called on the Home Secretary, to relax rules which automatically ban sex offenders from caring for children, saying that this could breach their human rights.
Meet the academics who are trying to redefine pedophilia as ‘intergenerational intimacy’
Claiming to draw upon the theoretical work of the social historians, the socialist-feminists, the Foucauldians, and the constructionist sociologists;
Ken Plummer, writes that “we can no longer assume that childhood is a time of innocence simply because of the chronological age of the child.” In fact, “a child of seven may have built an elaborate set of sexual understandings and codes which would baffle many adults.”
In 1990, the Journal of Homosexuality published a double issue devoted to adult-child sex titled “Inter-generational Intimacy.”
Pedophilia a ‘sexual orientation’ experts tell Parliament 
Dr. Vernon Quinsey, professor emeritus of psychology at Queen’s University,
Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem, psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal
“Pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offence from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality,”

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